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JAMB Brochure for Courses Under Faculty of Physical Sciences (Sciences)

Are you interested in the JAMB Brochure for courses under the faculty of Sciences? If so, continue reading this post as we have provided the JAMB brochure for each courses under the faculty of Sciences as provided in this post.

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This is a notice to all JAMB candidates who are interested in applying for admission for any course under the faculty of Sciences that the JAMB Brochure for courses under the faculty of Sciences has been provided in this post. Click on any of the courses below to view the JAMB brochure for that particular course.

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JAMB Brochure For Faculty of Sciences

So, without further ado, the JAMB brochure for courses under the faculty of Sciences are as follows:

Animal and Environmental Biology
Animal Biology and Environment
Anthropology (Biological)
Applied Biochemistry
Applied Biology
Applied Biology and Biotechnology
Applied Botany
Applied Geology
Applied Geophysics
Applied Mathematics with Statistics
Applied Microbiology
Applied Microbiology and Brewing
Applied Zoology
Archealology (Single Honour)
Biological Sciences
Biotechnology (Sciences)
Botany and Ecological Studies
Botany and Microbiology
Building Technology (Sciences)
Cell Biology and Genetics
Chemical Sciences
Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
Communication and Wireless Technology
Communications Technology
Computer Information and Communication Science
Computer Science
Computer Science and Informatics
Computer Science and Information Science
Computer Science and Mathematics
Computer Science with Economics
Computer Sciences and Information Technology
Computer with Electronics
Computer with Statistics
Conservation Biology
Cyber Security Science
Earth Science
Ecology and Environmental Studies
Electronics and Computer Technology
Energy and Petroleum Studies
Energy Studies
Engineering Physics
Environmental Biology and Fisheries
Environmental Management (Sci)
Environmental Management and Toxicology
Environmental Science
Environmental Science and Technology
Fisheries (Sci)
Fisheries and Aquaculture (Sci)
Food Science and Technology (Sci)
Forensic Science
Genetics and Bio-Technology
Geography and Environmental Management
Geography and Geosciences
Geography and Planning
Geological Sciences
Geology / Regional Planning
Geology and Exploration Geophysics
Geology and Geo-Physics
Geology and Mineral Science
Geology and Mineral Sciences
Geology and minning
Geology and Petroleum Studies
Human Biology
Industrial and Environmental Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry
Industrial Mathematics
Industrial Mathematics / Applied Statistics
Industrial Mathematics / Computer
Industrial Microbiology
Industrial Physics
Industrial Physics / Applied Geophysics
Industrial Physics / Electronics / IT Application
Industrial Physics / Renewable Energy
Information and Communication Science
Information and Communication Tech.
Information Science and Media Studies
Information Technology (Sci)
Laboratory Technology
Library and Information Science
Management Information System
Marine Biology
Marine Biology and Fishery
Marine Science and Technology
Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics / Computer Science
Mathematics / Statistics
Mathematics and Economics
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics with Computer Science
Mathematics with Statistics
Meteorology (Sci)
Microbiology and Biotechnology
Microbiology and Industrial Biotechnology
Molecular Biology
Natural and Environmental Science
Operations Research
Optometry (Sci)
Parastitology and Entomology
Petroleum Chemistry
Physical Sciences
Physics / Astrology
Physics / Computational Modeling
Physics / Industrial Physics
Physics / Material Science
Physics / Solar Energy
Physics and Applied Physics
Physics and Computer Electronics
Physics Electronics
Physics with Electronics
Plant Biology
Plant Science
Plant Science and Biotechnology (Sci)
Plant Science and Forestry
Plant Science and Microbiology
Pure / Applied Biology
Pure / Applied Chemistry
Pure / Applied Mathematics
Pure / Applied Physics
Pure / Industrial Physics
Pure and Industrial Chemistry
Pure Physics
Science Laboratory Technology
Sport Science
Statistics / Demography
Statistics and Computer Science
Surveying and Geoinformatics
Telecommunication and Wireless Technology
Telecommunication Management
Telecommunication Science
Textile Science and Technology
Zoology and Aquaculture
Zoology and Environmental Biology

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