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JAMB CAPS Portal 2019: How To Login, Check Admission Status & Accept/Reject Admission

This post contains detailed guidelines and instructions to login to JAMB CAPS admission portal, check admission status for 2019/2020 session and accept or reject an offer of admission (if you have been offered admission by your school of choice).


Before we show you how to login to JAMB CAPS portal and check your admission status, it is very important we explain what JAMB CAPS portal is all about and what it’s used for.

What is JAMB CAPS Portal?

JAMB CAPS is an acronym representing the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Central Admission Processing System. As the name implies, this is a system where all admission processing will be handled by the management while the CAPS Portal is the environment housing the features of the JAMB Central Admission processing.

This is a portal integrated on JAMB website that helps JAMB candidates to check whether they have been offered admission by their school of choice.

JAMB CAPS is the now trending word among JAMB Aspirants who applied for admission into tertiary institutions especially this period when most tertiary institutions have started selling admission forms while some may have started releasing admission list.

Core Uses of JAMB CAPS Portal

  1. Checking JAMB Admission status
  2. Accepting an offer of admission
  3. Rejecting an offer of admission
  4. Checking some of the details and documents uploaded on the portal during JAMB registration.

The Procedures to access the JAMB CAPS Portal for checking JAMB Admission Status can be found below.

Table of Content 

  • How to login to JAMB CAPS portal
  • How to Check JAMB CAPS admission Status
  • How to Accept Admission
  • How to Reject Admission

How To Login To JAMB CAPS Portal


1. Visit preferably using a PC or chrome browser on mobile. when the page loads, you will be greeted with a login page as shown below.

2. Enter your login details (login email and password) you created your jamb account with. See Steps to login to JAMB profile Here.

3. If you don’t have account yet, please click on Create an Account or if you have forgotten your login details; Click on Reset Password.

4. After you have entered your correct login email and password, click on Login.
5. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a page that looks like the one shown in the image below indicating that your login was successful.

JAMB e facility afterlogin page

How To Check JAMB CAPS Admission Status

1. Now that you have successfully logged in, Scroll down the page until you see “Check Admission Status” as marked and shown in the image below.

JAMB CAPS admission
5. Click on the “Check admission status” indicated above and wait for the page to open.

6. When the page loads, you will see another simple but a powerful page that will take you directly to the JAMB CAPS portal. The page you will see should look like the one shown in the image below.

Link to click on to access JAMB CAPS

7. Click on Access My CAPS to open the JAMB CAPS admission portal.

8. After clicking the “Access My JAMB” button, a new page that looks like the one in the image below will open.

JAMB CAPS Portal Home after login

Please note that the image shown above having JAMB CAPS home page is taken from a desktop class browser, the one for mobile browser will look similar but with hidden menu.

9. To finally check your admission status using the JAMB CAPS portal, click the “Admission Status” button shown on the left page as shown in the image above.

10. If you have been offered admission, you will see a page load up that looks like the one in the image below.

Example of JAMB Caps successful admissionCongratulations, you have successfully checked your JAMB CAPS admission status.

How To Accept/Reject Admission on JAMB CAPS Portal

  1. Before you can accept or reject admission, you must have been offered admission in the first place. After you have been offered admission, you will see the following:
  • JAMB reg number,
  • The school that offered you admission,
  • the course you were offered admission to read,
  • your UTME subject combination, and
  • your admission status.

2. If you have been offered admission, you will see two button below the page with the name “Accept Admission” and “Reject Admission”.

3. Click on Accept Admission if you like the school that offered you admission and the course you were offered.

4. Click on Reject Admission if you don’t like the school that offered you admission and the course you were offered to read.


After following the steps outlined above in other to check if you have been offered admission on the JAMB CAPS portal, there are series of messages you are bound to see after you have input your JAMB Registration Number.

Below are the messages you will likely receive when you check your admission status using the JAMB caps and what you need to do concerning that.


If you check your admission status and what you see is admitted, then congratulations as you have been offered admission and you can now proceed to accept the admission and follow the next instruction after accepting your admission.


If after checking your admission status and you see Recommended, it means you may have been offered admission in other school other than the one you chose or an opportunity was opened for you in another school.


The Third set of message you may likely see when trying to check if you have been offered admission is Not Admitted, in this case, you have been considered for admission just yet or you will not be offered admission at all. If you see this message, you are not allowed to accept the admission.


If you see the above message bearing admission in progress, check back later, then it has a straight forward explanation which means that your school is yet to release they admission list or that they are still releasing the admission list.


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52 thoughts on “JAMB CAPS Portal 2019: How To Login, Check Admission Status & Accept/Reject Admission”

  1. I av ben checking sch admission portal bt de say am nt in d primary admission list dat i should check again later wot does dat meam .sir

      • Please Ben. 10 , thank you for your update, my fiancee Jamb. No. 85805619JE
        She applied for sociology in fulafia, and she scored 181. I don’t know why she has not been given admission? Please if there’s anything to do.
        Each time I checked, it shows sorry you’ve not been given admission yet. So what do I do? Please reply me.


  2. Mautech congratulated me for been admitted since October but till now im yet to accept the admission cos caps is always showing admission in progress chack back later so what would I do again?

  3. I was sent a test message via uniben admin dat I have been admitted nd was given 72 hours to accept else i will loose d addmison but yet its not showing on my jamb portal DAT have been admitted.. Pls wat might be d cause?

  4. have been offered admission by my AAU but Jamb portal is showing “not Admitted”. hope there is nothing wrong if I go ahead with the payment of my acceptance fee. And pls which is more important, admission by the school or by jamb?

  5. My own usually show invalids detail what do do dat mean but it is d same detail I have been using even to check my post utme

  6. I logged into jamb portal and what I saw was
    ‘Sorry, not admitted yet’
    I tried logging into jamb caps but all I saw was ‘Welcome’
    What do I do??

  7. When I checked my admission status it shows that have been offered a course so I accepted it but when I went to print out my admission letter it says not admitted yet what can I do please

    • i also had the same issue… after some weeks i was able to print my admission letter. so just jeep checking . As far as you have accepted your admission on caps you admission letter would come up but it might take a week or two

  8. if I log in it will shows me that you have not been offered admission but I ask my frndz he said the school did not release the admission what do I do

  9. Pls, I have checked my admission status since Sunday, and I have been offered admission and I have accepted it, and I have not printed it out. Checking back later, the status became blank and I haven’t been able to access it since. What should I do?

  10. I scored 194 in my jamb and 208 in my post utme exam and I was not admitted in futuoke and this is my four years of writing jamb with same results plz help me my poor mum will die if am not admitted this year

  11. Each time I click on the check admission option, it automatically logs me out. If I login, same thing happens and please is aaua list out?


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