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JAMB 2022 Profile Creation : How To Create JAMB Profile Using NIN

Do you want to create JAMB profile for 2022/2023 JAMB registration using NIN? If you are interested in creating JAMB profile then am very happy to inform you that the procedures to create your JAMB profile using your NIN has been provided here in this post.


This is to inform all JAMB candidates who wants to register for the 2022 JAMB that they can now create JAMB profile and get their JAMB profile code using their National Identification Number (NIN) and the procedures we have provided here in this post.

Because of the new method of creating JAMB Profile and the introduction of JAMB profile code which was recently launched by JAMB, candidates are now advised to learn the new steps in other to successfully complete and update their JAMB profile.

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Creation of JAMB Profile is a vital step towards JAMB Registration for 2022. For any candidate or aspirant to be able to register for JAMB, he or she must have created JAMB profile and gotten a JAMB profile code.

Creating JAMB profile does not mean any other thing other than opening an account with JAMB on their portal to enable them capture your details.

Without JAMB profile, no Candidates will be able to register for JAMB this year (2022) as all documents upload are done on JAMB Portal by logging in using the profile username and password.

JAMB Profile Creation also makes it easier and faster for JAMB aspirants to complete their registration just by login in to JAMB Portal.

Requirements To Create JAMB Profile Using NIN

  1. National Identification Number (NIN)
  2. Phone Number
  3. A mobile phone
  4. Recharge like N100 airtime (to be on the safer side)

How To Create JAMB Profile Using USSD Code

Dial *55019*1*NIN# or *66019*1#

Again, to get your JAMB profile code, dial *55019*1*NIN number of candidate and #.

Or dial *66019*1*NIN number of candidate and #.

An excerpt from the announcement bu JAMB registrar is as follows: “From Friday, we shall be deploying another method to get these profile codes and that is *55019*1*NIN number of candidate and #”.

How To Create JAMB 2022 Profile Using NIN

To create your JAMB profile for 2021/2022 JAMB registration, simply send NIN space NIN Number to 55019.

For example, if your NIN is 56234982642, simple send it as follows: NIN 56234982642 to 55019.

create jamb profile using NIN

How To Create JAMB Profile On JAMB Website

There are two basic methods used in creating JAMB Profile and we are going to explain the two methods here and there are:
1. Using JAMB Mobile Application
2. Using Online Jamb E-Facility Portal

On this article, we are going to show you how to easily create JAMB profile using e any of the means below. the detailed step by guide to doing the above mentioned with pictorial illustrations has been shown as follows:

Creating JAMB Profile JAMB E-Facility Portal (Older Updates)

Step 1:

  • Candidates are to visit http://jamb.org.ng/efacility/
  • Scroll Downward and click on “CREATE AN ACCOUNT“.
  • On the Next Page, You will see different Boxes where you will enter your details like the image shown below

jamb profile

Step 2:

  • On the First Box as shown in the image above, Enter Your Email Address
  • On The Second Box, Repeat The same Email Address you Entered Above
  • On The Third Box, Select a Security Question that you can remember 
  • On the Fourth Box, Enter a Secret Answer to the question you selected above that you can remember.
  • Repeat The same Answer you entered above on the Fifth Box
  • Click On “Verify E-Mail Address
  • We are almost done with Creating the Profile.

Step 3: (Verifying Email Address)

jamb profile picture

  • After Clicking Verify as mentioned on the Last point of Step 2 above, you will see a message like the one shown above.
  • Click Ok and login to the email address you provided above. Use Gmail Login Here if you used a Gmail Account or Use Yahoo Mail Login Here if Yahoo mail email address.
  • On Successful login to your email account, you will see a message from [email protected].
  • Click and open the email and click on place that says “Click Here To Continue Your Profile Creation” to successfully activate your account.

Step 3: (Profile Date Input)

Jamb Profile Picture 2

Enter Your Personal Details

  • After Clicking the Link, you will be redirected to a page with the details as shown in the image Above.
  • On The First Box : Enter Your Surname e.g : Anyigor.
  • On The Second Box: Enter Your First Name e.g Benjamin.
  • On The Third Box : Enter Your Middle Name e.g Eze
  • On The Fourth Box : Select Your Gender e.g: Male For Boy or Female For Girl (LOL).

Enter Your Date Of Birth

  • On the Fifth Box: Select The Day you were born e.g 1 for 1st or 7 for 7th.
  • On the Sixth Box: Select the Month You Were Born e.g: January.
  • On the Seventh Box: Select the the Year you were born. E.g: 1900
  • From Box 8-10, Repeat the details you enter From box 5-7.

Other Details

  • On The Eleventh Box: Enter Your Phone Number. e.g : 08083123612.
  • On the 12th Box: Select Nigerian if you are from Nigeria or otherwise, select Foreigner.
  • On the 13th Box: Select Your State of Origin
  • On the 14th Box: Select Your Local Government of Origin

Creating Password

  • On The Last two Boxes, Create a Password that you can remember and Repeat it on the Next Box.

Last Step: (Finalizing Profile Creation)

  • Visit from box 1 to the last box to Ensure the details you entered are all correct.
  • If all are correct, Click on “Sign Up“.
  • Congratulations, You Have Successfully Created your JAMB Profile.

JAMB Profile Creation Using JAMB Mobile Application

JAMB Profile Creation is also possible using an application that JAMB Introduced for 2019 JAMB registration.

The steps on how to Successfully create jamb Profile using JAMB Mobile Application can be found by below.

Step 1: Download the JAMB Mobile Application Here.

Step 2: Install the App you downloaded in step one above

Step 3: Open the Jamb Application and you will see something like the Image Below.

Jamb Mobile App

Step 4. Click On SIGN UP

Step 5: Enter your Email Address

Step 6: Confirm Your Email Address

Step 7: Click on the 3rd Line and Select any Security question you can be able to remember

Note: The Security Question will help you while logging in or for resetting your Password.

Step 8: Enter A Secret Answer to your Question

Step 9: Confirm The Secret Answer you Entered Above

Step 10: Click Continue

Step 11: On the Next page, enter a Password and Confirm it

Step 12: Enter your Basic Details, Date of Birth and Confirm your Date Of Birth

Step 13: Enter Your Country, State of Origin and Local Government Area of Origin

Step 14: Click Sign Up.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your JAMB PROFILE, to login, click the link below.


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  2. I have sent my NIN to 55019 with different numbers because it was telling me to try again that my processing failed and I don’t know what to do again.

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