Is JAMB Result Out? How To Check JAMB 2019/2020 Result


Is JAMB Result Out? This is usually the most trending question concerning JAMB especially after the JAMB examination has been concluded. After every JAMB examination each year, the next concern from JAMB candidates is mostly that of checking their JAMB result to know how they performed. This year’s JAMB examination started on the 11th of April 2019 and has been successfully concluded.


As with other years, The management of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) usually release the JAMB result of each day’s JAMB Examination; the following day.

We are writing this article to alert and Update those who wrote the JAMB Exam and is now anticipating to know when the results will be out, that it has been finally released and uploaded online.

All JAMB candidates who participated in the 2019 JAMB examination are hereby informed that JAMB 2019 result has been released by the management. Since the examination mode is Computer Based Test (CBT), it means that the exam of each candidate is automatically scored and the result scored to JAMB board immediately.

So, The results of those who wrote their exams starting on the 11 of April 2019 has been released and submitted to JAMB, but is yet to be made public and uploaded on JAMB database for general checking.

JAMB results would fully be released and made public starting the week of 21st of April 2019. See Why You Have Not Seen Your JAMB Result And What To Do About It

How To Check JAMB Result 2019

JAMB Result can be accessed by following the procedures below

Other Methods To Check JAMB 2018 Result

Other channels through which JAMB Result Can be Checked are:

Through Email Address:The Scores obtained from the exam may be sent to each candidates who participated in the Exam via the email addresses they use when registering for JAMB Or Creating JAMB profile. So, candidates are encouraged to keep checking their various Mail Box.

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  1. Hello, are you having issues with your jamb result or you need your score to be upgraded, kindly call Mr. Ben now for assistance 09050284055

  2. i have been trying to get my results since with my registration no but no way i am told i didnt write the exam

  3. Pls, I and my friend do jamb on Saturday 10, and ave seen mine, my friend has nt see his own!!, pls z the result real or fake,

  4. I wrote my jamb on march 9th on friday, 2018 but i have not seen my result up till now, and i was told, it will be out today, what will i do????.

    • I wrote jamb on Saturday and I have not seen my result what’s happening I need an urgent reply bkuz am getting mad

  5. Sir due to utme 2017 massive failure’s what is probability of adding mark to student?or reducing of cut up mark from 180 to atlist 160 for undergraduat.

  6. pls v nt seen my result since on d 17th of may at mapoly, hope no problem?u can help me to chk my reg no is 75891134FB

    • JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
      Name: Taiwo Blessing Ayomide
      Reg Number: 75891134FB
      Date of Birth: 04 October 1997
      Origin: IJEBU-ODE in Ogun State.
      Exam No: C50411070
      Centre Name: Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere, Abeokuta
      Subject Score
      Use of English 51
      Mathematics 51
      Princ. of Account 52
      Economics 35
      Total Score:189

    • JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
      Name: Taiwo Blessing Ayomide.
      Reg Number: 75891134FB
      Date of Birth: 04 October 1997
      Origin: IJEBU-ODE in Ogun State.
      Exam No: C50411070
      Centre Name: Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere, Abeokuta
      Subject Score
      Use of English 51
      Mathematics 51
      Princ. of Account 52
      Economics 35
      Total Score:189

  7. Pls help me i’m Janet i wrote my exam on Wednesday,i av been checking my result up to day(27) de keep on tellin me dat your result is nt yet out.pls help me out am so worry u can assist me to check on my reg number 76136180HG tanks.

    • Name: Williams Janet Patrick
      Reg Number: 76136180HG
      Date of Birth: 11 November 2000
      Origin: IBESIKPO-ASUTAN in Akwa-Ibom State.
      Exam No: C04611241
      Centre Name: Agnos Consult 12 Barracks Road, Eket Divisional. Library, Eket, Akwa Ibom State
      Subject Score
      Use of English 43
      Physics 43
      Biology 46
      Chemistry 39

    • Amadi Rhoda Anulika
      Reg Number: 76245954GJ
      Date of Birth: 10 September 1997
      Origin: IHIALA in Anambra State.
      Exam No: C22107178
      Centre Name: Bellsoft Technologies Limited , University of Nigeria Nsukka, Department of Economics, Nsukka, Enugu State

      Subject Score
      Use of English 37
      Government 37
      Lit. in English 34
      Economics 44
      Total Score:152

  8. Hello

    I am Mr Julius the head of jamb official… if you have low score on your jamb result or you have not received your jamb result just call me on 09093892347


  9. Hi Ben,I wrote my exam on the 17th and saw my score tonight,the problem is that it’s only showing the total score and not what I got in the subjects I’ve checked through the jamb results checker and also my jamb profile it’s just showing me half page.Should I be worried?

    • : Eze Blessing Shirley
      Reg Number: 76784893EI
      Date of Birth: 27 May 1999
      Origin: NNEOCHI in Abia State.
      Exam No: C14305054
      Centre Name: ICON Training And Consultancy, Umunede, Delta State, No. 70 Old Lagos/Asaba Road, Le Quarters, Umunede, Delta State
      Subject Score
      Use of English 46
      Government 39
      Mathematics 44
      Economics 33
      Total Score:162

      JAMB UTME  2017

      Print Result

  10. I wrote my JAMB Exam on 13th May 2017 and up to this moment whenever I supply my registration number, I got a reply that I have not registered this exam. Pls help me out.

  11. I wrote my exam on Tuesday and I still haven’t seen my result….I have checked a million times. ….my no is 75707951jf… [email protected]…..Please do something quick!..I can no longer accept excuses

  12. pls Sir I checked my result nw I only see d total score u did nt see the individual score pls what could av apun

  13. am totally confused, have been checking my result all this while and it isn’t showing, I wrote my exam on Saturday and my profile is unable to be opened

  14. I have participated the exam on Monday and up till now the result is not out. when is it going to be out please?

  15. hello lhave write my exam on the 15 of may but yet l can see my result and l heard that they have release the result. Please what will i do thanks

  16. I did exam on 13th and have not seen my result.I have tried checking it but is not going. can you pls send my score to my email. please.

  17. Hi,ben.. Pls i need a lil advice. I didnt make a photocopy of my e-slip,nd it was collected at the exam venue. No the problem is checking my result,wont the be needed??

  18. my jamb exam was on 13th being the first day network really distrubed. I couldn’t write I needed to wait for some other person to finish before I can write:so I couldn’t finish am not happy at all

  19. umm….those that wrote their jamb exams yesterday….what should be the duration of our expectancy for the result?

  20. pls I wrote jamb buh up till now the result is not yet I have checked my maill but I couldn’t see any score there.

  21. Pls hw can I check my Jamb scores I’ve check my mail by there’s nothing and I didn’t receive any sms up to now please help me out

  22. hello
    I heard jamb form is still out
    I dnt lyk my location
    frm lagos to ife
    can I still collect anoda jamb form??
    hope it wunt affect anything cuz of my picture nd finger prints

  23. I heard jamb form is still out
    I dnt lyk my location
    4rm Lagos to ife
    cn I collect anoda jamb form??
    wunt it affect anytin since av thumbprinted etc??

  24. I registered since April 11th Andrew​ I didn’t receive any notification about jamb mock or my venue. few days later I find out it’s already been written??

    • I sat for jamb examination on Monday (17th March, 2017) by 07.00am with:
      Exam. No: 75889324EJ; Exam. No: C50403022; Centre No: C50403; Seat No: 022; Exam. Town: Abeokuta/Igbo -ora (oyo State) in Ogun; and Exam. Centre Name: Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere, Abeokuta. The responses i always get is “You Do not Register for this Examination”. Pls what is the actual problem with my result.

      • Ogunleye Boluwatife Oreoluwa
        Reg Number: 75889324EJ
        Date of Birth: 17 March 2001
        Origin: AKOKO-NORTH-WEST in Ondo State.
        Exam No: C50403022
        Centre Name: Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere, Abeokuta
        Subject Score
        Use of English 73
        Physics 63
        Biology 64
        Chemistry 45
        Total Score:245


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