See Why You Have Not Seen Your JAMB Result And What To Do About It


I have not seen my Jamb result since on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that I wrote my Jamb exam, what will I do?

Am seeing You Do Not Have Any Result Yet while trying to check my Jamb result, why?


This has been some of the questions that many Jamb candidates who participated in the Jamb examination but are yet to see their Jamb result has been asking.

This is to inform all Jamb candidates who are having Issues with checking their Jamb result that some of the reasons why they are seeing “You Do No Have Any Result Yet” has been outlined below:

See How To Check Your JAMB Result

Why You Are Seeing You Do No Have Any Result Yet

Jamb earlier mentioned that the results of those who participated in examination Malpractice during the Jamb exercise will not released.

This now means that those who truly know that their involved them selves in any sort of Examination Malpractice during the Exercise are not going to see their results.

What about those who did not engage in any Malpractice but are seeing No Result Yet?

This may happen because Jamb has withheld their Result for further Scrutiny to check if they truly did not engage in examination malpractice or otherwise.

These ones are to keep on checking their result till as Jamb will upload it immediately the scrutiny test comes out negative that they do not involve in any examination Malpractice.

Are you still having that problem? Let’s hear your Comment below.

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  1. Pls sir help me,I sat for this exams on the 9th of march and 1week after I checked my result with a mobile phone and I saw my result only for me to go back the next day I couldn’t access my result up till now.. Each time I try to check it, it keeps showing me YOU DON’T HAVE ANY RESULT YET.. What do I do???? My reg no. 86318456AD

  2. How can i stay Up all Night trying so hard to cover Up all my subjects only for those Who sat at home While mercenaries do the writing for them already got their results…. Someone Who wrote on the 10th and Up till now haven’t seen my result abi I never try ni???? Depression wont kill me cos angel Michael changed my original country to naija. My own anger be say I was made to read that IN DEPENDENCE. If they wan use me AS a cover Up for the 36m they swallowed they will have God, Amadioha and ogun to contend with…. This country is messed up

  3. What a world we live in, all the people that got involved in exam malpractice have gotten their result, even those who paid to uprade their scores and here we the innocent ones are suffering. Pls jamb officials I came into the hall with just my print out no pen, pencil or any other thing, i was the only arts student where I sat was surrounded by only science students pls you people should release my result for me I dont want to have high blood pressure plsssssssssss.

    • Hello Happiness!!! Exercise patience. They are scrutinizing all the Yet to be released results. if it is not tied to any form of malpractice, it wil be released.

  4. i dont know examination malpractice and it doesn’t know me…..there were cctv everywhere so how the hell will i complicate myself??
    i wasn’t involved in malpractice….jamb should conduct their security test and release my result……..i came inside d exam hall with just my print out and pencil as they demanded……….plz jamb officials let the security test be accurate..the innocent ones are suffering…..i need my result plz

  5. must innocent people always get affected?,why?!!! i did my jamb exam on tuesday and whenever i keep on checking my result all i see is no result yet ,why! how can people even think of cheating in a computer based test i dont even think its possible ooo nigerians have minds ooooooo

  6. am tried of checking am even feed up am not engage in any examination malpractice pls help me beg them to release my result I hate doing exam twice that why I read well for me to not to fail my exam but the problem now is that they don’t release my result pls help me beg them to release my result am begging you pls

  7. hello.pls I’m also facing that problem..I sat for the first batch…which was on the the 9th Friday ..I have been trying to check my result but the response I’m getting is ,,you do not have any Result yet…up till now pls..I’m not involved in any malpractice

  8. I wrote on Monday but I have not seen it yet please how would we know that the scrutiny test is over would we get any text message or email

  9. Pls am sorry I went to go and check my result 6 days after doing exam what is just telling me is your result is not out yet why am I seeing this please I borrowed money to do this jamb if u know u wont god to help you please release my result and I did not even caught in examination malpractice so plz release my result

  10. please help!!.. I wanted to check my jamb result again on jamb website…. only to be told I did not partake in the exams!!!….which I did…I don’t understand?!!!!…is it a glitch in their systems??…or what?

  11. pls i do nt see my result every i cheek they say u do nt have any result yet. pls i did nt invouled in exam malpractice, release my result God will help u.

  12. pls I wrote my jamb on the 18 of may and assuming I go to the cafe that I want to check my result is saying you did not have any result yet out ,and am keep checking it every day after one month they send me another email that which should come and rewrite our exam and am even happy that I will now see my result and I go to the centre the day on the 1 July after 4 days I went to cafe again to check my result they send me again that you did not have any result yet out and didn’t participate in examination malpractice since that day have been getting sick even do if we see it and is not good our mind we come down that we see it and is not good that if we want to rewrite it we will read and understand thank you please release our result you people will kill me oooooo

  13. I write jamb since on 17 but my result was not yet out, when i try log in it show me that I did not register for this examination

  14. pls I wrote my jamb at calabar, cross river state, and it has been canceled, n my problem s transport money bcus I used more than 10,000 in going there n coming back, so pls if jamb s posting me let it be within my state; Benue Makurdi so that I will be able to write it again please.

  15. what of those that have seen their result and later was rescheduled to 1st july what happened and also since it have been rescheduled on 1st July, how do we know our center and time for the examination?

  16. jamb said I will be re-writing my exams…I understand why they’re doing this tho I wasn’t involved in any form of malpractice but I wish to know my centre and date

  17. Pls I sat 4 my UTME exam but I’m yet to see my result, I was not involved in any malpractice but why do I have to face this Pls help me, 7508063FD

  18. Please sir,i have done my jamb exam since may16 on tuesday,i went to go and check my jamb exam result 3days after the exam release on tuesday section,what i could see is that “you do not have any result yet”,sir i was so confuse about dat because i was not involved in examination malpratice.since then i have been trying it stil sayin dsame thing that why i am complaining on jamb portal i read my book&study very well,please sir help me with this problem of my jamb result.i did my exam at Difas College at odogunya Ikorodu That My center place.

  19. please I have not seen my result yet and God no that I did not engage my self in such offence . help me out this is my second time for this jamb and I Dont want to repeat it again.

  20. pls I wrote my exam since on d 15th of may and I didn’t indulge in malpractice and yet have not yet seen my result pls what do i do?

  21. i wrote my jamb since on the 16th thatbis tuesday and uptill today i have not seen my results and i

    didn’t engage in any malpractice. what is the problem with my result

  22. I wrote jamb since on 16th may, and I don’t involved in any examination malpractice. Yet my result is not released Why?

  23. am yet to see my result since on d 17 of may….. I wrote the exam at Mapoly abk Ogun state and I didn’t indulge in examination malpractice…. please help my future is at stake

  24. I wrote my exam on Saturday 13th nd have not seen my result yet if check he was just telling me ,u do not have any result yet

  25. Sat for jamb on 16/5/17,with 75271502DJ. Till now,no result. Kindly check your CCTV to confirm that I have not engaged in any form of exam malpractices.

  26. Please is it true that jamb has seized the whole of sapele result? Am really getting worried now I wrote on the 16 at Obule in sapele and up until now its showing that there is no result for you yet please I need a reply

  27. is jamb saying , all centres in warri-delta are involved in examination malpractices
    pti, classical, benchill school, college of education and other centres in warri result are still pending, why

  28. Plzzz I have not see my result since 17 May. I did not do any exam malpractice. I’ve been depressed for some days. Plzzz release my result. Thank you and God bless

  29. BEN10 pls help me, I checked my result and it shows that I didn’t registered for this Exam, what does that means? I don’t understand it, pls explain.

  30. I wrote my own since on Tuesday 16 may 2017 and i haven’t seen my own and they continue sending no result yet.what should i do.. Please i beg u jamb officials release my own OOO..Hop am not alone here people from immaculate oyibo

  31. I wrote my own since on Tuesday 16 may 2017 and i haven’t seen my own and they continue sending no result yet.what should i do

  32. I have written my jamb examination since 13th of May and yet dont have any result, i keep checking and it keeps telling me you dont have any result… why??? this it really frustrating!!!

  33. its getting too late o,since 17th of may .jamb pls dis is d last opportunity for me to go to o.

  34. Please i need to see my result,i sat for the exam on the 13th of may and i have been trying to check but to no avail.

  35. please i just want to know when they will stop posting the results so that i will not bother my self thinking of anything again since they don’t want to release my result again if they see people that cheated can they catch them even people that cheated have seen their results then why do they hold my innocent result, i hate frustration in my life they should just release the results or they better tell us they are not releasing the results period let me rest and think of another thing am tired of checking this result everyday

  36. pls jamb office I hv’nt seen my result.And I used my reg number email nd exammination number nd it showed me I did not registeer for the exam.I did not indulge in any malpractice

  37. please I have not seen my result since Tuesday 16 I took my exam and only god no that am not part of the malpractice. only that I was Pres and I took permission from one of officials in the hall and he directed me to the rest room after easing my self I came in without any trace and continue my exam before I could finish my questions my system shouted down I don’t on weather my time is up to it’s setup. please I don’t want to repeat this exam again this is my second time.

  38. My name is Hannah, i have sat for my jamb since saturday 13th and i
    have not see my result which display that ‘you
    did not have any result yet,and,the system that my
    seat fall to system was mal-functioning ,so I a lay the complain to jamb official, they told me that they can render any help,…
    On the 22nd of this month, I went to jamb office to complain what I experienced in jamb center, and was told to write a letter, according to what as happen and I did,…

  39. I hv nt seen mah result since 17 may dat I took mah exam nd I didn’t engage in any malpractise. wot do I do abt it

  40. I didn’t engage in any exam malpractice, and my result is not yet out, wat do I do, I really need this result b’cos this is my future, pls someone should help me

  41. i wrote my exam on Thursday 18th of may 9am and I haven’t seen my result it showing no result yet.there was no form of malpractice during the examination jamb should pls check it out and release d result. am worried oh

  42. I registered for jamb but I haven’t see my exam slip nd exam centre while others ave through wit there jamb why I don’t understand dis ooo

  43. I wrote mine on 18the may, and am yet to see my result, it’s still showing me the “you do not have any results yet” and I wasn’t involved in any malpractice, does it mean that my score is high?

  44. Pls who ever DAT knw jamb shud tell them to release our result, why are they suffering innocent pple,bcos of guilted pple.I knw how much I suffered to read for dis exam,i got sick bcos of how hard i study for jamb, if some stupid people shud cheat in a centre. is DAT d reason to seize everybody result.pls am begging,am student of prescience if they did nt release my result my sweat and money is in vain pls help us

  45. how can one cheat when they was cctv camera? were they not jamb official during the exam? am one of the victim i didn’t went to exam hall with phone, and how can one copy answers of what he/ she havn;t see? pls do your investigation well and transpernt.

  46. I wrote on d 17th at Kindle-e center Ashero abeokuta am yet to see my results,and if by any mean he/she write at dis same center pls notify me in oda to knw am not alone,tnkz.

    • U re not alone becos i also wrote there also and my result is not yet out also pls jamb help us i read for this exam had sleepless nights I didn’t engage in any form of malpractice

  47. Pls is there anyway we can get the nums of these jamb officials or their email. They re playing with our future plss. So that we can disturb them.

  48. i have non seen my result i wrote on my own please i need my result please help me am going crazy i wrote on the 18 please

  49. Please Ben have not seen my result since Thursday 18 wrote jamb and have been checking but they are telling me that I do not have any result yet.what will I do?

  50. Pls i hv nt seen my result since 13th may, i didn’t engage in any mal practice nd am very sure of it. i read too much for this exam, i burned my candle. jamb pls help us, remember is our future.

    • They are analysing all result to see the ones that involved in malpractice. If they found out that you do not involve your self in Malpractice then they will release your Result. Just keep on checking it.

    • They are analysing all result to see the ones that involved in malpractice. If they found out that you do not involve your self in Malpractice then they will release your Result. Just keep on checking it.

  51. Pls. I can’t access my result ,rather I was told that I did not register for the exam. Pls. I need help from anybody. Thanks

  52. Am still Mmesoma precious Nwagu. I sincerely do not know how long to keep on checking. it all look like injustice seeing my lap top shot down twice during the exam. The examiner knew this. why this continuous torture? pls help! verify with this reg. number: 75242605bc

  53. Pls i have not seen my result since 13th may i didn’t engage in any malpractice and am very sure of it, i read too much, i burned my candle for this exam jamb pls help us remeber is our future.

    • They are analysing all result to see the ones that involved in malpractice. If they found out that you do not involve your self in Malpractice then they will release your Result. Just keep on checking it.

  54. Pls I haven’t see my result since 13th Saturday at Alor girls secondary school Anambra.pls help I am not getting better her. Its unfair.

  55. I was not in any way involved in examination malpractice and have not yet seen my result. why and what do I do. This is my registration number, 75242605bc ; Verify!

  56. Don’t know that jamb portal have closed I need to change my subject don’t know if it will affect me because my course is nursing and I wrote mathematics how do I change it to biology.and I have already written it.

  57. When I saw my slip was on Saturday and never knew that jamb change of subject was on 12may so I waited till Monday and portal has closed now am very confuse have writing the given subjects but it doesn’t relate the course I put.How do I change the subject now why I have already written jamb.please I need help.

  58. My name is Ohagwu Paschaline Chinenyenwa .Reg no 75041314GA please I took my exam since 17th,till now haven’t seen my result, pls am anxious about my result when will I expect it please.

  59. Ave not seen my result ooo,wat z really happening? I need someone to answer me…..I can’t wait any longer

  60. Pls up untill now I have not seen my result and honestly I wasn’t involve in any exam malpractice pls help me am going mad here

  61. please I didn’t submit after d exam because of d network tho is not only me, 50% of d center doesn’t submit and since last Saturday have not seen my Result please what can I do and a day before d exam I did change of name please

  62. please, I wrote my exam in oni in ijebu ode since last week Saturday till now have been trying to check look @ what is bringing out”you do not have any result yet”and am not involve in any malpractice

  63. it still say YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY RESULT YET what can i do since May 15 am fed up pls jamb find something to do pls so that we will know what we are up to it early the best pls pleading you to fast about it May Help us. Amen

  64. MY Ward has problem on his computer system as it went off during the examination whereby he could not finished the exams on 16 May 2017 jamb office in Ibadan Oyo state

  65. I wrote my exams since on Tuesday but my result isn’t out.Each time I checked,its shows result not yet ready

    • Touch the screen and move it right or left or use ucweb to view it or remove your opera mini setting from single coloum

  66. i did not engage in any malpractice,yet have not seen my result since saturday about 10:30pm,could dat be the problem, pls an urgent answer,Thanks

    • I wonder how things are been done,someone who has successfully written his /her exam and sombody there will witheld the result in the name of exam malpractice, is there any report from the JAMB officers concerning such a candidate? please let us get things right. JAMB should stop putting this little children on tension and release their results.

    • I am still seeing the horrible ‘no result for you yet’ It is becoming embarrassing as every one in my school and center have theirs.

  67. i wrote my jamb and cannot found my result and it was wednesday i sat for the result.My mate whom i wrote with have seen theirs and i was not allowed with even my wallet,handset in the exam hall,infact there was no room for malpractise and i simply obey.

  68. i have been checking my result since last week but i have not seen my result the keep on telling me your result is not out yet. i don know why, iam so worry about it please

  69. i have sat for my jamb since saturday 13th and i have not see my result which display that ‘you did not have any result yet’,and i did not engage in any malpractise,the system that my seat fall to system that does not function,so i have to wait untill one of other candidate finish before i do mine,i used 40 minutes instead of 120 minutes

  70. i have not see my result since saturday 13th and i did not engage in any malpractise,the system that my number fall to does not function,so the management of my centre now told me to be patient untill one other candidate finish,with this instead of 120 minutes i used 40 minutes

  71. We started our jamb on 13 may by 7:00pm as a result of de system problem yet up to today i have not seen my result while some has seen their

  72. My sister wrote her exams on Wednesday, May 17th but has not seen her result yet. she tried logging in her JAMB profile but it kept on saying invalid email or password. Please what could possibly be the problem?

  73. I have not see my result and am not involved in any examination malpractice. what will I do

  74. yes am still having the same problem… in fact i didn’t finish my papers due to some circumstance… I got to my examination center thirty minute late but still I thought the exam haven’t started I even wasted one hour thirty minute so how come am I seeing no result yet


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