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JAMB Marking Scheme 2020 | How To Calculate JAMB Score

Are you looking for JAMB marking scheme for 2020? Do you want to know how to calculate JAMB score or how JAMB probably calculates JAMB scores? If your concern is about JAMB marking scheme and also how to calculate JAMB score for 2020, I will be very glad to assist you with information concerning that.


So, before you finish reading this post, you should have known the marking scheme that JAMB uses to grade all results and how to calculate JAMB score for each candidate. Then from there, you can now be able to do your own math and be able to calculate it by yourself.

Let us start by answering the questions in a question and format.

How Many Questions Does JAMB Set?

In total, JAMB sets about 250 questions for all the JAMB subjects that each candidate write. From the 250 questions, English Language (Use of English) takes about 100 where as the remaining 150 is spread across the remaining 3 subjects.

JAMB Subjects And Number of Questions

So in summary, Here are some of the list of JAMB subjects and the number of questions set from each subject.

JAMB Marking Scheme 2020

Now that we have known how many questions that JAMB set across each subject and the total number of questions set in all, let us now discuss how JAMB marks each subject.

Some persons may wonder, since English Language has 100 questions whereas others are having 50, does that mean it is scored higher than others are? The answer is No. All JAMB subjects carries equal marks no matter the number of questions that comes out from there.

So, English Language even though having 50 questions more when compared to other subjects is marked or graded on a 100% scale. The same also applies to other subjects.

Since there are four subjects that each candidate is required to write, the total aggregate of that score is on a 400 scale. That is 100 from Use of English, and 300 from the remaining 3 subjects.

How To Calculate JAMB Score

Now that we know that JAMB marking scheme is on the 400 scale, let us now discuss how to calculate JAMB score.

For this, we will be taking four subjects as a case study so we can understand it properly. We will be using the following subjects:

  • Use of English
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Calculating JAMB Score using an Example

  1. Let us assume that out of the 100 questions in Use of English, you were able to answer 55 correctly. That would give you 55/100=55%.
  2. Then for mathematics, you got 27 out of 50 questions. That would give you 27/50 * 100=54% or 54/100 (54 over 100).
  3. Then for Chemistry, you got 31 out of 50 questions correctly. That would give us a 31/50 * 100=62% or 62/100 (62 over 100).
  4. Lastly, for Physics, you got 37 out of 50 questions correctly. That is 37/50 * 100 = 74% or 74/100 (74 over 100).

To now get the total score, sum all your scores for each subject. That will now be 55+54+62+74=245. The JAMB score is 245/400 (245 over 400).

Does JAMB Do Negative Marking?

As a bonus question, many candidate has wondered if JAMB does negative marking. But before we answer the question, let us establish what Negative marking scheme is all about.

What is Negative Marking Scheme?

Negative marking scheme involves deducting some certain mark from candidates total marks whenever the person fails an answer or supplies a wrong answer to a question.

All candidates are to note that JAMB does not use the negative marking scheme and thus, does not deduct any mark whenever candidates fails and answer to a question or supplies a wrong answer to a question.

With all these, i know that you now understand JAMB marking scheme, how to calculate JAMB score, the number of questions for each subject and whether JAMB engage in the Negative marking scheme.

If you have any question, feel free to ask using the comment section below and i will be sure to respond as soon as i can.





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