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JAMB Brochure for Courses Under Faculty of Agriculture

Are you interested in the JAMB Brochure for courses under the faculty of Agriculture? If so, continue reading this post as we have provided the JAMB brochure for each courses under the faculty of Agriculture as provided in this post.

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This is a notice to all JAMB candidates who are interested in applying for admission for any course under the faculty of Agriculture that the JAMB Brochure for courses under the faculty of Agriculture has been provided in this post. Click on any of the courses below to view the JAMB brochure for that particular course.

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JAMB Brochure For Faculty of Agriculture

So, without further ado, the JAMB brochure for courses under the faculty of agriculture are as follows:

Agricultural Administration
Agricultural Business
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Economics and Extension
Agricultural Economics and Farm Management
Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
Agricultural Extension Services
Agricultural Resource Extension
Agriculture Cooperative Management
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Animal Nutrition
Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology
Animal Physiology
Animal Production
Animal Production and Fisheries
Animal Production and Health
Animal Production and Health Service
Animal Science
Animal Science and Fisheries
Animal Science and Fisheries Management
Animal Science and Range Management
Animal Science and Technology
Crop and Environmental Protection
Crop Production
Crop Production and Horticulture
Crop Production and Landscape Management
Crop Production and Protection
Crop Production and Soil Science
Crop Production Technology
Crop Protection
Crop Science
Crop Science and Biotechnology
Crop Science and Horticulture
Crop Science and Production
Crop Science and Technology
Crop, Soil and Environmental Science
Crop, Soil and Pest Management
Eco-Tourism and Wildlife Management
Environmental Management and Toxicology (Agric)
Family, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences
Fisheries and Aquaculture
Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology
Fisheries and Aquatic Environment Management
Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management
Fisheries and Wildlife Management
Fisheries Management
Fisheries Technology
Food Science
Food Science and Nutrition
Food Science and Technology
Food Science with Business (Agric)
Forestry / Forest Resources Management
Forestry and Environmental Management
Forestry and Environmental Technology
Forestry and WildLife
Forestry and Wildlife Management
Forestry and Wildlife Technology
Forestry and Wood Technology
Forestry Wildlife and Fisheries
Home and Hotel Management
Home Economics
Home Economics and Food Management (Agric)
Home Science
Home Science and Management
Home Science, Nutrition and Dietetics
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Hotel Management and Tourism (Agric)
Livestock Production Technology
Nutrition and Consumer Services
Nutrition and Dietetics
Pasture and Range Management
Plant Breeding and Seed Science
Plant Breeding and Seed Technology
Plant Physiology and Crop Production
Plant Science and Biotechnology (Agric)
Plant Science and Crop Production
Soil Science
Soil Science and Environmental Management
Soil Science and Land Agro-Climatology
Soil Science and Land Management
Soil Science and Technology
Soil Science Management
Veterinary Science
Water Resources and Agrometeorology
Water Resources, Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology
Wildlife Management


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