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Secrets to Acing Exams: Student-Approved Strategies

There’s nothing easy about passing exams. From the preparation to the exam-taking stage, students are under a lot of stress and often struggle to achieve the best results. This is not because they’re not capable of doing better. It’s because they’re not sure how.

Luckily, all it takes is great organization and some insight into the strategies for acing exams. We’ve made a list of the most efficient student-approved methods for reaching your maximum in the next exam season. We’ll break them down together.

Write it Down

Let’s start with the basics to make sure you’re laying the right foundation. To pass all your exams successfully, you need to be fully prepared for them. But if you’re confused about what to do or how to do it, there’s no way you’ll make it work.

So, develop the habit of actively taking notes in the pre-exam period. That includes keeping track of:

  • study resources and materials
  • due dates 
  • teacher’s advice
  • details about the exam format and type

There’s no way you can memorize it all. But writing it down will come in handy once you start preparing for the exams.

Develop a Schedule

Are you overwhelmed by the number of exams you have and the exam requirements you need to meet? So are most of the other students, but there’s a way to reduce this exam anxiety. You simply need to develop and follow a schedule that will help you keep track.

This schedule has to contain:

  • your designated study hours for each exam
  • your break hours
  • due dates for assignments like papers, essays, and projects
  • dates of all the exams
  • teamwork meetings
  • your personal commitments

If you’re keeping track of all the things you need to do, you’ll be able to stay organized and successfully finish it all.

Find Your Study Style

If you’re struggling with studying and you just can’t seem to focus or memorize all that well, you need to find a better learning style for yourself. 

Yes, all students learn differently, and you need to figure out what’s your style. Here are the most prominent types of learning, along with examples of how to practice them.

  • Visual learning: flashcards, mind maps, images, videos, diagrams, charts
  • Auditory learning: speaking the lecture out loud, listening to the teacher’s lectures, presenting the exam materials to someone else
  • Tactile learning: physical movement, acting out the materials, role play with a study partner

You can try rewriting the lectures into a notebook, recording yourself as you speak, drawing little doodles as reminders, or whatever comes to your mind. Once you figure out your learning style, you’ll be passing your exams with less difficulty.

Take a Mock Exam

To improve your chances of passing the exam, you can recreate that experience at home and take a mock exam. To do so, you’ll need:

  • information about the exam format
  • someone to put the mock exam together
  • examples of exams from previous years

Make sure to time yourself exactly the amount of time you’ll have on the real exam. Have someone check your results and learn about your weaknesses. Studies have shown that doing this gives you an 85% chance of passing the real exam.

Once you detect the weak spots, focus on improving those areas and take a new mock exam. You can do this as many times as you need to feel confident and ready for the real deal.

Find Adequate Help

If nothing seems to be working, and you’re still not managing to pass your exams on your own, you can do it with a little bit of help. There are different sources of assistance you can find, so don’t be afraid to reach out.


Here’s where most students find the support they need:

  • ask the course instructor for additional help
  • form or join a study group
  • hire a tutor
  • ask your classmates for help

You can also find a ton of help online in terms of additional resources or student tools that can improve your performance. For instance, you can get custom essay papers online if you need more time to study instead of dealing with writing.

Final Thoughts

Studying efficiently requires preparation. It’s not something you just start doing without thinking about the best way to approach it first. Acing your exams is thus a challenge you can overcome with good organization and proper planning.

The student-approved strategies we’ve shared with you are brilliant for improving how you prepare and pass exams. Use them to reach your academic peak without any stress or struggle.


Benjamin Anyigor also popularly called BEN10 is a Blogger, Tech Lover, SEO Expert, Programmer (Kinda Part-Time) and the Founder and editor of IsMySchool. You can connect with him on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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