This is to inform all the Candidates who made one mistake or the Other which may be : Wrong Name, Wrong Subject Combination, Wrong Course or Institution or Who uploaded the Wrong Photographs that JAMB Correction of Details just started today (6th of May 2017) and would also End around 9 Pm today (Please share this post and help others as the deadline is very short).

Candidates who wish to correct any Mistake are advised to proceed immediately with the Correction of errors they made during their registration.

The Correction of JAMB Subject Combination is free while others will cost N2500 each.

See How to Change Subject Combination Here.


JAMB Date Of Birth, Name, Subjects and Institution Error Log

  • I made a Mistake on my subject combination, can i be able to change as i have submitted?
  • The Registrar forgot to put my O-level results during registration and he has submitted it, can i be able to correct it?
  • My name was wrongly spelt during registration, How can i Put the Correct name?
  • A wrong University of Choice was selected by the person that registered my JAMB without telling me, How can i Fix it and choose the correct one?
  • The date of Birth used during my registration is not the correct one, how can i fix it?
  • The State Or Local Government i selected was not the correct one
  • I am a Male but Female was selected as the gender during registration or vice versa.

The Questions listed above where some of the ones raised by JAMB Aspirants who has made a mistake or committed an error in either Name, Jamb Subjects, Date of Birth, Institution or State/Local Government of Origin and are now seeking for the solutions or ways in which they can correct those mistakes.

Can the Errors be Corrected? YES. The errors can be corrected online on JAMB Portal But to correct each of those errors will cost you N2,500 (Except for Change of Subject Combination).

Which means if you made a mistake with both your date of Birth and State of Origin, it will cost you N2,500 each making it N5,000.


The Errors made during registration that can be corrected are :

  • Jamb Subject Correction (Free)
  • Change of Gender (N2500)
  • Change of Institution (N2500)
  • Change of Name (N2500)
  • Change of State/Local Government (N2500)
  • Change of Date of Birth (N2500)


Candidates who wish to correct any of the errors or mistakes mentioned above can do so by:

  • Visiting the Nearest JAMB Accredited Registration centers nationwide

Note: The Correction are only done at the Accredited Centers and no Cyber cafe is authorized to do that.

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  1. I did correction on my name, in the school and they ask me to go to jamb, which I had did but for the past two weeks it have not been changed…….pls I need to know how long does it takes to finally change?

  2. Pls how can i change the email i used 2 reg jamb as it has been invalid. So that i can effect a change of course on the jamb caps

  3. hello, I have an enquiry, my jamb date of birth is different from waec and post utme..I’m currently awaiting admission… will this affect admission …and if it won’t.. can I change it after admission.. or should I change it now.. I heard that the institution will have to approve something.. should I wait.. will admission be given.. then I can change it later???… please answer

  4. Pleas I don’t know how you can help me. When I registered for jamb exam in 2013 my name was written as oladimeji Abdulkareem which should be Oladimeji Abdulakeem. So later on I did affidavit.
    So when am about to graduate we were told to do regularization and I was told after the regularize my problem of corrections of name would be solve. So when I went to print out the admission letter I still found the wrong name on it. I have visited the Jamb center they are telling me it can’t be changed. The only solution to my problem is to do late registration and get another registration number. Which will cost N11,000.

  5. Pls i am unable to access my email wich i use for jamb reg d email acct is nt functioning again pls can i still change it nd where am really in distress pls help a broda

  6. I paid for change of State/LGA on jamb platform for almost 2 months now,and later submitted the completed indemnity form yet no message from for the correction, even now i check it and is still showing the formal state/LGA, Please what might have happened? I am desperately waiting for it.

  7. Hello Sir,
    I did my jamb regularization in my school on 2nd of August 2018.And I made a mistake of utme subject combination(biology instead of maths).can it affect me or can it still be corrected.

  8. there was a mistake in my jamb slip my dob in jamb is different from the one in o’levels can I rectify it before post Utme or after

  9. I already did jamb in 2017 but noticed my date of birth has a mistake, instead of 1997 it was 1996…. I already went ahead with my admission process, I hope this won’t affect me presently because I want to change it later…

  10. good evening , pls i made a mistake when filling my jamb regularization form which the space when a asked to fill in the registrar of my previous school so i made the mistake of using E.A salawu instead of B.A salawu and when i went for submission at the bursary i was told to go and make the correction,,pls what can i do cause i tired login in but i cant find any place i can do that,pls help i need it urgently

  11. Sir pls..there was an error when filling my date of birth in jamb registration and have been giving admission, can it affect my admission and can i still correct it later?

  12. Please help me i did change of name and submitted the indemnity form to jamb state office last month but till now, it still shows the old name on my jamb profile and my post utme screening is nextweek although i used the new name on my post utme registration slips

  13. Please I did change of name and date of birth but the change of birth has been done but my name is still not changing and am through with post utme screening reg,will it affect the screening, will they allow me to write the test,please reply me am really worried

    • I was applied for change date of birth (paid) the problem is that, when i check my profile the date of birth has been corrected, but when i printed the original jamb result the old date of birth show..I’m contradictory..pls help

  14. am a DE student. the mistake was dat they interchange my my midle name wit my first name. insted of ANIEZI DAB LIZ they put ANIEZI LIZ DAB. pls hw do i go abt it

  15. I paid for change of State/LGA on jamb platform for almost a month now,and later submitted the completed indemnity form yet no message from for the correction. Please what might have happened? I am desperately waiting for it.

  16. pls,i’ve done the uploading of o’level result,how do i check it on my jamb profile whether it has been submitted or not??

  17. pls Sir I went to a jamb cbt center for correction of name and after making payment I was told that only change of institution is available for now, pls wot do I do, how do I do the name correctly pls help me

  18. pls I paid for change of name but my call up letter still carrying the formal names and I was rejected in the NYSC camp bcos of the name, wat do I do to effect the name

  19. I applied for changed of jamb which I paid 2500 for it, to my greatest surprise the name was not changed, so during NYSC registration they told me I can’t be registered until the name is changed, now am out of the camp without registered because of name (Batch A Stream 2 2017) my call up letter name is different from my statement of result. pls what do I do before Nov nysc registration starts…07030076397

  20. please is it possible to change one’s o’level result? Eg , I used my neco result and now I want to use my waec result.

  21. pls my sister filled in only her waec result during her jamb registration and she didn’t have the required credits in govt and econs but she actually made all her papers in her neco…is it possible for her to present the neco result instead during her screening exercise at delsu later on?…pls I need your reply on this urgently

  22. Please the man who registered me, made a mistake when filling my state of orgin and my local government area. Can I still change it after the d exam, and since d correction portal is closed

  23. If I pay #2500 for changing of institution​ form, is it with dat same #2500 dat I will change​ my course too

  24. Pls I choose mathematics, English,commerce and account as my utme subject and have done jamb,i passed all my subject in waec can I use that utme subject to study banking and finance

  25. After the jamb exam can we still change institution if yes, after the 2,500 will we have to pay the school we are changing to ?

  26. Plx i made mistake in my name gender and date of birth because d man dat did d registration for me was rushing nd did nt allow me to cross check b4 submiting nd i was nt able to do it wen jamb correction was on plx can i still do it immeadiately after jamb exam without any problem nd am i going to pay for each one

  27. I made mistake combination of d subject to write instead of biology, i put math,, pls how can i made d correction?

  28. i paid my 2500 for change of name but when i went to the center they said have not paid but on my profile it said i have paid

  29. pls I want to put my confirmation code on my jamb profile but the profile is not opening and I am even using Google chrome

  30. Pls am very worried here my…the mistake I make on my was my surname just one letter but my date of of birth is not it at all…

  31. I just heard the news that jamb closed their correction of data portal and i have a mistake on my date of birth, instead of sept22 1997 they put sept21 1997, can this cause me a problem or i can be able to correct it when jamb exam had finished

  32. I just heard news that jamb closed their correction of data portal yesterday and I have a mistake in my date of birth,can this mistake cause me a problem, is there any time for correction after jamb exam?

  33. please what must I do I’m really worried about change of school because there is a problem about my first choice university… how will I change it?

  34. pls,i have a problem concerning my subject combination…i wanted 2 study sociology and i ought 2 choose government instead of mathematics in my jamb…should i leave it like that or i should find a way 2 rectify it? pls frnds,i need ur comment…..

  35. Pls sir, i made a mistake in my name during the jamb registration . I used IBRAHIM F ABDULLAHI. Instead of Ibrahim Abdullahi. While in my waec result i din’t use middle name. So will that (F) that i put as a middle name cause a problem to me ???

  36. the man who registered me indicated only one sitting when I want to use 2,when I told him he said that jamb would make reference that its not a problem,is it true,please reply today

  37. Pls I have a very big problem,I bought my jamb form for me to register,wen I pit in my pin,I saw someone else’ data ie passport and course,but my name,date of birth and every oda thing is dere pls wot can I do???

  38. I forgot to fill my weac result during my jamb reg and I already have weac result the registar na put awaiting for me I don’t no weather it will affect me during screening

  39. hi.. i did a mistake on my name for the registration and i have already paid 2500 for it online but i cant change it,. they told me to select examination and my reg number but i cant find 2017 utme examination on it and i put in my reg number.. it said invalid, what can i do?

  40. Please I made a mistake during UTME registration. Only one letter of my names got missed. Will it be possible to correct it, and when will it hold?

  41. there was a mistake during the reg but was told to do affidavit and v done that..cos my surname wasn’t involved?
    am I free to do the exam.. or I should so correction of name?

  42. I’m so frustrated with what the man registering my form, he was rushing and did not even allow me check through it before submitting it, he made a mistake in the subject combination, I swear Jamb has to do something about this cause I see no reason why they can open a portal for us to feel it ourselves and submit then we can later go for thumb printing, now that the error is from the man registering and I’m the one is affecting. Jamb has to do something about the changing of subject I swear this isn’t fair at all. it was not even a mistake I made it was them rushing and submitting without allowing someone go through it first… Please do something about this issue, for the sake of everyone having the same problem please do something about this…. thank you

  43. I forgot to fill my weac result during my jamb registrition the registrar put awaiting result for me I don’t no wether it can be correct

  44. Date of message: 11-Apr-2017 [22:18:41]
    Gud Evening Myschool Pls i av a problem wit my Utme Combination.
    After registering jamb and also thumb printing,upon collecting my printout i found out dat Deir was a mistake in my UTME subject combination.
    Instead of ENG,Biology,Govt And CRS(cos i applied sociology)
    i saw ENG,biology,Physics and Chemistry and i dnt knw wot to do.
    Pls help me,can anything be done about it?
    Pls ur reply will do lot of gud
    tnx in anticipation.
    From Stephaniecutie

  45. I am writing my WAEC currently but the system I used in registering for JAMB did not have 2017 but 2016 which they register me with. How do I correct it

  46. During registration there was problem of network so my thumb-print was not captured & another’s person pix was used instead of mine,how can i correct it pls.

  47. i made mistake in my name, i was ask to pay 2500, is it after jamb registration or after, am scared, i nid ur advise nd help

  48. I did wrong gender and asked to pay 2500 when can I change it after the exams or before it..should I pay now or leter

  49. Can correction of data (name) be made before admission or after admission. since instructions 15 and 16 is talking on a particular institution.


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