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This is to inform all JAMB Candidates that JAMB Change of Subject Combination for 2019 has started and would close around 10pm of 12th March 2019 (Please share this post and help others as the deadline is very short).

This article is for those who made a mistake while choosing they JAMB Subject Combinations during JAMB Registration for 2019.


JAMB Change Of Subject Combination Question

I have received a lot of complaints through Calls, Chats and Comments from different candidates who have registered for they 2019 UTME exercise on the Issue they are having with JAMB Subject combinations and some of the questions which i may not get the correct order in which they put it, are below:

  • I made a mistake on the subjects am required to choose for this course, Can i be able to change it?
  • I was supposed to choose Economics for Law but i choose another subjects instead, How can i correct it sir?
  • The Person that Registered my JAMB Choose the Wrong Subjects while i was not around and registered it, Hope it can be corrected?
  • My Subject Combination for Mass Communication is Use of English, Literature in English, Economics and Government or CRK/IRK. but I choose Literature,Government and CRK instead of Economics. Can i change it? etc.

See JAMB Change Of Course And Institution 2017 & See When To Do It

How To Change JAMB Subject Combinaion (Procedures)

Jamb Correction

JAMB has activated the portal for candidates who made a mistake of choosing the wrong subjects during JAMB registration to proceed and correct it immediately. As stated earlier, the portal will close by 10pm today (12th of March 2019).

We are not really sure if JAMB will extend the Deadline, which is why we are urging all candidates to proceed and change it immediately.

Candidates are advised to visit the Accredited Center nearest to them and proceed to correct the errors immediately.

Jamb Change of Subject combination is free (As stated) but not really sure about it.

SO candidates are to go to the Center with at least N2500 for the Correction of mistake made while choosing subject combinations.

Other errors that can be corrected are also Mentioned on the article Here. Stay close as we will update this page when we find more useful contents on the Subject Matter.

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  1. Pls I had a d7 in my olevel certificate in literature but I got credits in the rest, can I study mass communication in any university but if no pls help Me with any better course

  2. pls is english literature economics n government ohk 4 masscomm tho i dont av economics in ma o’level but i av crs plz will it affect me in anyway

  3. pls is english literature maths n government ohk 4 masscomm tho i dont av economics in my o’level is gonna affect me

  4. i changed my subject combination on friday n i was scheduled for Saturday 7am n on saturday i went 4 d exam n i wrote maths wit no challenge buh wen i got hum i received a msg dat i shud nt write d exam dat i wud b rescheduled buh av written d exam already wat will i du nw cos d msg cam late

  5. please I notice that after the reprint there is a problem in the utme course what can I do to rectify that and my exam is on monday

  6. Please ehn, d person dat registered me put government instead of geography n I don’t have government in my waec result,wen I made a complaint,dy said it doesn’t matter as government Is d ryt subject for business administration in d faculty of management uniben, my question is hope it won’t affect me later in d nearest future?

  7. pls i used English maths physics and agricultural science for computer science can it go with that combination

  8. You are right about the correction of data in jamb, but it doesn’t end on the 6th of May. It’s not free,even in jamb office they collect money for change of subject

  9. sir i thought corrections will be made during re-print,isn’t it. Pls sir for the lord’s sake put me through

  10. Please I came online late when I heard about the changing of subject, I begging wit the name of God, grant me a chance to correct my supposed to fill in literature instead of maths, for law.

  11. pls i wrote earlier dat i want to change from medicine to computer science, i went to d centre to make changes nd dey told me its nt possible bcos my subject combination for medicine is correct. I dnt knw hw true it is.

  12. This is a lie. I have gone to every CBT CENTER in my place and they said there is nothing like change of subject

  13. This is a lie. I have gone to every CBT CENTER in my place and they said their is nothing like change of subject

  14. Pls i want 2 change 4rm medicine 2 computer science and my subject combination 4 medicine was correct. Will it be possible 2 make d change?

  15. I am studying nursing and I chose mathematics instead of biology plssssssss help me cause I don’t want to miss my admission

  16. Bro please am going for economics but I used English, Maths Economics and Commerce instead of govt crs or literature. And I need to change it before writing this exam or won’t it affect my admission?

  17. Pls I want to study computer science and I didn’t knw I was surpose to register mathematics,instead, I registered English,biology,physics & chemistry wot do I do now,pls advice me on wot 2 do.

  18. plz help me, I applied for civil engineering in unizik nd I also reg. maths, eng, physics & biology. bt my mind z telln me dt d biology I put dere z wrong, plz ll I be screnned out during admission in dt course?

  19. am having an error with my registration of subject, crs was being registered in place of chemistry sir what can i do.

  20. am having an error with my registration of subject, crs was being registered in place of chemistry sir what can i do

  21. pls i used mathematics English physics and agricultural science for mechanical engineering i don’t know if i can go with that

  22. please sir i need your help i made a mistake on my subject sellection i put geography instealed of chemistry please sir help

  23. Trusting jamb to kindly re-consider candidate with issues on subject combination. Please on behalf of other candidate i beg of u to not hesitate on tabling this issue to JAMB as it wil cause more harm than good to candidate. You the voice representing them. Thanx

  24. please is this combination okay for jamb?
    eng, maths, phy and economics….
    there was a mistake during the registeration……. or will i need to correct it?

  25. please oooo, i choose maths,chemistry,physic and english for pharmacy course but they said i suppose to biology instaed of maths,please help am confused

  26. please I chose use of English, government, economics and literature for international relations @ o.a.u and I want to change the literature to mathematics is it possible?

  27. my subject combination for engineering instead of physics i saw music in my print out,can i be able to change it before the exam

  28. I made mistake of choosing subject .ao are mine going to do it , pls help me, cos if the subject is not there they can’t give the course I want.


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