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How Do You Write a Language Essay?

Essays come in many forms. Some are in argumentative forms, where you need to pick a stance and defend it; some are descriptive, where your job is to describe a particular subject matter; some require comparing and contrasting items, while others are about narrating stories. Even though they come in diverse forms, some subject matters can be discussed in all those forms. One such subject matter is language.

You can have an essay on:

  • The role of language in global trade
  • The relationship between language and culture
  • The benefits of multilingualism
  • How the use of slang influences communication

The topics for language essays are endless, but it doesn’t matter which topic you choose – the essay has to be written perfectly to accomplish its purpose. Some students struggle with language essays for various reasons. It could be because of a complex topic or not knowing how to organize their essay content. So don’t worry about your challenge; we’ve curated some essential steps to compose a stunning language essay.

Understand the Essay Prompt

Some students look at the essay prompts absentmindedly and begin writing whatever comes to their minds. With such an approach, you may end up with irrelevant content in your paper. The most critical step in writing a language essay is to know what you’re expected to write about. That way, you can provide a relevant response.

Take a closer look at the prompt to comprehend what your professor wants. As you read, carefully assess the keywords in the prompt – these terms guide you on the type of content to write. For instance, the essay prompt may require explaining, analyzing, or comparing. 

Also, the professor may want you to choose a topic to write your essay on. In such instances, you’re guided on the specific areas to consider. As you pick an essay topic, ensure it is relevant, interesting, and manageable. 

Read the Specific Essay Guidelines

Imagine writing an essay, and then you realize you had overlooked an instruction after you’ve submitted it. That can be devastating. Such a situation can arise when you hurriedly begin writing your paper before going through the requirements.

Read all the guidelines that accompany your language essay. The specific instructions you should adhere to include the number of pages you’re expected to write, the sources to use, formatting style, and the sections to include, among other guidelines. When you follow all the instructions, the professor feels you’re serious about academic work.

Get the Right Content for the Essay

It’s common to encounter students asking, “Who can write my essay?” It normally happens when they get stuck with a paper because they don’t know where to begin looking for information to put in it. So where should you get content for the paper? Use your lecture notes. Also, you can read magazines, journals, and credible website sources. As you read these resources, take short notes with the details of the sources to make it easy to cite them as you write – plagiarism is a serious academic offense.

Then assess the notes to determine what to include and leave out in your essay. Ensure only the best arguments are in the final paper. You should also have enough examples, illustrations, and data. If not, continue with your research.

Begin Writing the Language Essay

At this point, you have everything to write an excellent essay. A language essay should have three sections; an intro, a body, and a conclusion. Begin the composition with a hook that entices the reviewer to go through the rest of the piece. It could be a startling statistic on the subject or an intriguing fact. 

The intro should have a thesis statement highlighting what you intend to present. The body segment is where you advance your assertions. The paragraphs should have topic sentences highlighting the key idea you intend to discuss. Address a given idea exhaustively before you move to the next.

Refine Your Language Essay

Polish the essay after drafting it. First, read the whole paper to ascertain that your ideas are related to the thesis statement. Then, correct other issues such as repetition, sentence structure blunders, and grammar mistakes.

Singing Off

You should write a top-grade language essay to score high marks. It all begins by understanding the prompt and reading instructions. You should then obtain the best content and compose a good piece. Remember to refine your paper before you submit it.


Benjamin Anyigor also popularly called BEN10 is a Blogger, Tech Lover, SEO Expert, Programmer (Kinda Part-Time) and the Founder and editor of IsMySchool. You can connect with him on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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