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Advice on Writing Book Report on English Classic Literature

Throughout your time in high school or college, there will come a time when you’ll be asked to make a report on fiction and non-fiction books that you’ve read. Although these kinds of assignments may seem challenging for most students, they are not so different from other forms of writing.

Usually, most college teachers tend to assign these kinds of tasks to students as assignments. These sorts of tasks are meant to help improve the writing skills of pupils. It also allows the teacher comments on students’ writing.

If you find yourself struggling with a paper, you can get help from online writing companies. These writing platforms provide custom book report writing service to both high school and college students. With expert writers who specialize in different fields, you will have your assignment completed in a professional and timely manner. Whether you are looking for help on essays, reports, or a research paper, you can count on them to render the best service since that is what they specialize in.

There are three different ways to craft a good book report – plot summaries, theme analysis, and character analysis. This job gives you the opportunity to practice how to express your thoughts on many elements of a book, such as an author’s use of dialogue or description.

Now, let’s run you through a step-by-step guide on how to write a good book report on English classic literature.

Read the Book

You can’t rush through the process of completing an assignment. You must first read the book. It’s a good idea to make notes while you read.

How to annotate (sometimes referred to as taking notes in the book itself):

  • Highlighting significant events
  • Highlighting key points or arguments
  • Showcasing the introduction of a new character

If you’re unable to write in your book itself, you may use sticky notes (which can be easily removed) or take notes while you read in a different notebook. If you decide to use this strategy, be careful to record the page numbers in your notes (for example, page 7, new character: Timothy, a friend of Sandra).

Use an Outline

It’s crucial to create an outline before writing any kind of educational piece, but book reports require it the most. You run the danger of leaving out crucial information if you go straight into writing a book report without an outline.

Depending on the type of reading you’re reporting on, you’ll need a specific style of the outline. Your book report will concentrate on summarizing the storyline, significant characters, and occasionally the themes of the book if you’re writing about a work of fiction, such as a mystery or an adventure. If you are writing a review of a nonfiction book, such as a history, you should concentrate on the text’s key facts and arguments.

The assignment you are working on will be the determinant of the kind of outline you use. Some book reports are lengthy, while others are concise. Others are more concerned with the characters or settings, while some are more focused on the plot. Ensure that the precise information requested by the assignment is included in your outline.

Every section of the outline should, ideally, be supported by a specific example or quotation from the novel.

Start With the Report

Once you have your outline ready, writing the report would become a lot easier. The sentences you use when writing should be mostly declarative and objective. Make sure you support your ideas with quotations, examples, and citations from the book since most teachers look out for these when grading college papers.

When citing word-for-word from the book you’re writing a report on, make sure you use quotation marks. However, avoid using many quotes in your work, use more of your own words so it can be as unique as possible.

Edit Your Report

Finally, you need to edit your paper. Remember, like any other informational writing, the first draft may not be perfect since it will likely contain some errors. Try proofreading your work a couple of times so you can spot and correct any errors contained in it. When proofreading it, make sure you look out for grammar mistakes, typos, and the logical flow of words.

In addition, you can make use of grammar software such as Grammarly to check for errors and spell for good grades.


As a student, completing an assignment may initially seem like a difficult task. However, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Doing the following will make your report a lot easier; read the book carefully before starting, create an outline, and use examples where necessary. And most importantly, don’t forget to proofread it when you are done.


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