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Did You Had A Low JAMB Score? See How You Can Gain Admission With It

From the previous post I published concerning jamb result, I posted that Jamb result has been released and uploaded on individual Jamb profile by the management of the joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). So if you have written Your Own Jamb exam and you are yet to check your Jamb result, Click Here to see how to Check Your Jamb Score.


This post is entirely for those who have checked their Jamb result but had a low Jamb score and don’t know what to do about it.

Do you have a low Jamb score?

Is your Jamb score not up to the cutoff mark for your Course or University?

Is your Jamb score very low and you don’t know what to do?

If you fall into one of the categories mentioned above, then we are going to guide you on how you can make your decisions so as to get admission into either a University, Polytechnic or colleges of education depending on your Jamb Score.

We are going to analyse different cases depending on the JAMB and the course or school the individual applied for.

See JAMB Caps Portal for checking admission status here and also check when JAMB admission list will come out here.

How To Gain Admission With A Low JAMB Score Into A University

Case 1: Those that scored Less than 250 and applied for Medicine and Surgery.

This one is for those who applied to study medicine in the University but on checking their Jamb result, they scored lower than 250.

Fact: Any score less than 250 in this year’s  Jamb may or can not get you admission to study medicine because of the high competition of those that applied for the course.

Advice: Do a change of course or a change of course and institution into a lower course and possibly a less competitive University which you can have more chances and high edge of getting admission.

Case 2: Those that scored more than 180 but less than 200.

This is for those who applied for a course in the University but their Jamb score is less than 200 but they at least scored more than 180.

Advice: If you have the range of score above and you applied for a highly competitive course in the University, please do a change of course to a University that accepts 180 and to a less competitive course. Depending on the competition, it may be very hard to  get admission into a University with a Jamb score of 180. But with that score, you have a high chance of getting admission into a Polytechnic of your choice. So you may increase your chances of getting admission by just doing a change of institution into a Polytechnic and forget about University.

See JAMB Change Of Course And Institution; See When To Do It

Case 3: Those that scored less than 180 but more than 170.

This is for those whose jamb score could not meet up with the 180 requirement for Universities.

Advice: You can’t get admission into any University with a Jamb score that is less than 180 but you can still get admission into a Polytechnic or a College of Education with that score. So, do a Change of Institution and course into a Polytechnic.

Case 4: Those that scored Lower Than 170 in Jamb but initially or currently applied to study in a University.

Fact: No University or even Polytechnic (depending on the Competition) in the whole of Nigeria can admit any candidate who has a Jamb score that is less than 180 due to the high score that a lot of people are getting lately.

Advice: Please do a change of course and Institution to a College of education or perhaps just buy their form when it’s out on sale.

But if you don’t want to attend a college of education, you can wait till next Year or Perhaps go for a Private University.

Schools To Get Admission Without JAMB

If your JAMB Score is really very low, there is also a way you can gain admission into the University without loosing any year. See Universities That Offer Admission Without JAMB.

That’s it guys on the advice concerning Jamb score breakdown. I do hope this will be very helpful and do please share this with others and help them as well.

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Peace (✌).

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Benjamin Anyigor also popularly called BEN10 is a Student, Blogger, Tech Lover, SEO Expert, Programmer (Kinda Part-Time) and the Founder and CEO of BENTENBLOG. You can follow him on Twitter here and Instgram here.

162 thoughts on “Did You Had A Low JAMB Score? See How You Can Gain Admission With It”

  1. Good evening sir

    Please I scored 169 in jamb
    And I applied in Port Harcourt
    Do I stand a chance

    I really need this opportunity
    It will be a very great honor to be accepted
    Thank you
    God bless you as I await for your feedback

  2. Hello sir i scored 170 in my jamb can i study public administration in enugu state university , please i want to know sir

  3. Sir my jamb score is 182 and i want to study history and international relations in ABSU,do i have a chance of gaining admission?

  4. Hello sir I scored 164 in my jamb because my computer had problems and I couldn’t finish. And I was going for pharmacy please I need your help

  5. Pls sir i scored 165 in jamb dis year 2018 pls am i save to get admission without PUME examination in akwa ibom state polytecnic

  6. please sir ,I scored 157 ,will I get admission into the fed. polytechnic, nekede…I want to go for accounting or can I use my 2016 jamb result that I scored 190 to go for it

  7. Please I put Ebus as my second choice but scored 187 in jamb can I get admission to study Biochemistry since my mark is not up to my preferred course nursing please urgent answer is needed tnx.

  8. Scored 206 in jamb nd i applied 4 theatre arts in unizik,is d score owk or shud i go 4 a change of course? plz i nid a course dat cn fit wif dis score

  9. Hello sir pls help me i scored 168 in jamb and i have 8 credit in waec and i want to study civil law in ABU would i have admission if i change my course to literature in any other university.

  10. pls I want to ask a question, I applied fr direct entry bt after d post utme screening,I had a low mark nd it makes me sad,my mark is nt up to 40% pls is thr any assurance I ll b given admission bcoz I chose uniben

  11. Pls sir i scored 163 to study pharmacy in delta state university can i gain adimisson to the school, i also put fuwukari as my first choice to study industria chemistry which 1 will i hve adimisson my waec i have 6bs, and 3cs i need ur advice sir

  12. Hello sir I scored 204 in Jamb and I want to study medicine in Ambrose Ali university (AAU) And I had credit in my waec results except geography which I got b2 is there any hope for me

  13. Pls sir I got 5bs and 4cs In my waec, i also scored 169 in jamb I want to study computer engineering in oko polytechnic pls I need an ans


  15. I scored 217 in jamb and in my o level subject combination i had 3c6 1c4 and 1b3 to study biochemistry pls wat r my chances of gettin admission into oau or unilag

  16. I scored 217 in jamb and in my o level subject combination i had 3c6 1c4 and 1b3 to study biochemistry pls wat r my chances of gettin admission into a federal university

  17. Please sir I scored 204 In jamb and I wanna do medicine buht noe I’ll change to pharmacy cos of my result and this is my waec result
    Mathematics B2
    English B3
    Physics C5
    Chemistry A1
    Biology B2
    Please with this waec result and my 204 in jamb, can I be given pharmacy in uniport???

  18. Pls mr Ben, my jamb scored was 185 an i apply unimaid 4 a course ANATOMY an d skull cutoff mark is 180 4 this year 2017,pls sir any hope 4 me?an advice if ther’s pls sir.

  19. Pls I scored 178 can I apply for admission in mapoly n I didn’t choose dm in jamb or is a must I do change of institution first

  20. Pls I scored 226 in jamb and waec 1 c5 and odas B3…..I put uniport to study nursing ..pls Is there any chance of admission or should I change d course to microbiology. Or should I Change university and course to funai and microbiology.
    Pls I need urgent ansa pls.

  21. pls Ben I scored 183 and am going for medicine and surgery I have hope that God will do it for me. the only thing that I can do in this life is doctor that my dream pls any advise for me my first choice is AAU/ delta state university

  22. please kindly help me,i only need 180 and my jamb result is 178,please my admision is sure if only i got 180 to the university i choose …please i beg you with the name of God,because i intentionaly withdraw myself from the school i was in before,wich is kogipoly just to studie mass comunication in univerty,please help, ur effort will not be in vain…

  23. l intend to study Med & surg @ ABU zaria, but unfortunately due to computer error in the centre I was posted, I’m not favored to met the cutoff mark, my JAMB score is 178. are there any chance for me to gain admission ? Or assume I gain admission into Poly with 178 jamb score and still wish to go for Med &Surg after 1st semester;
    1. Will I be privilege to study Med & Surg in University?
    2. Assume I’m chance to be admit, am I going to start as fresh student or continue from 2nd semesters?
    3. And if I’m to continue from 2nd semesters, am I going to write another jamb? Pls reply

  24. Scored 221 in Jamb for Chemical engineering at Uniben, Based on last year Logistics 1071 applied there, am an Indigene 4C and 1B wht are my Chances???… Or should i get a change of course form?

  25. Sir, I got 204 in my jamb and I want to study business management in unijos will they give me admission?? And again I intend to change my course to economic with the same jamb point 204 please help

  26. please i score 176 and i want to study law at laspotech please i need ur advice may be i should change the course just advice me on course to change to i registered for
    1. use of english
    2. literature in english
    3. economics
    4. christian religion knowledge
    please advice me

  27. sir I c 152 in my e-mail that is what jamb is saying,sir I have the believe that is not my scored wht can I do &I want to go to university

  28. Sir I scored 191 in JAMB nd my choice of university is UNN nd course is Civil Engineering, can I go for UNIZIK for change of Institution. Plz advice me on what to do.

  29. I score 168 in jamb. I want to study biochemistry in pleatue state polytechnic.
    Will I be able to gain admission to the school with such score?
    Please I need ur opinion sir

  30. Hey..please I scored 240 in jamb and I applied for medicine and surgery in UNILAG..please I can still get admission right??

  31. I scored 205 in Jamb and I put Languages and linguistics in Uniben… any chances of getting admission??

  32. Pls I wrote jamb on Tuesday 16 and it took time for me to see my result, finally on Tuesday night I saw my score of 207 and today being Wednesday I checked my result again I saw 188, pls wat should I do CU’s my sch cutoff mark is 180 and I want to study history in Funai.pls send my details to jamb email. Reg number: 76373909DD

  33. my jamb score is 175 and i intend to study law at RUST is there hope of geting admission with that score and if not what should i do please?

  34. please I scored 187 and am aiming to studying mass communication in Ebsu or Funai…can they give me admission or should I do change of course. ….. English, government, economics and crk

  35. with the jamb score 222 can one gain admission to unilag to study pharmacy…i’m passionately waiting for your response sir

  36. Pls my question is I have a low result which is 179 which school can I used it for imsu,yacht each, imostate poly or where pls help me ok

  37. Good morning sir……pls I score 212 in my jamb and my first and second choice of university respectively are Federal university of petroleum resources FUPRE and River state university of science and technology RSUST…..I chose chemical engineering as a course for both school…pls what do you think is chance of getting admission or will recommend I get a change of course form?

  38. Pls i need help o!!
    wen i was searching for a course in uniben using 2015/16 jamb e-brochure cd nd i fund my course ”environmrntal engineering and toxicology” but wen i went for tumbprinting dis yr i cond’nt find dat sam course in uniben instead it ws environmental management wh ws totally diff frm de jamb disc so i reg enviro manage as dere was no other option left nd i wil chge de corse afta jam exa.m but now i dont kw if uniben is offering de course or not pls sir can u help me to investigate i wil be gratul

  39. pls o I score 163 in my jamb ,and I know I cannot go to the university with it again but can I get admission into polytechnic with it

  40. this is to inform you people that the center that l was posted to did a very wrong thing to us in their center this because we were more than two hundred in this center the first Bach that was scheduled at 7 am they did their exam peacefully without any distraction we didn’t know what happened to them they end up their exam at 11:30 am immediately we that will supposed to start our exam at 9 am they now start search and thumb printing for us at to 12 noon the most bad thing that the useless invigilator that was posted to our center did is that she does not allow us to complete with our 2 hours out of tow hundred plus candidate the first and last person she stop us at the same time. also, there was a girl she was the one that got into in last she told us that she just through with her physics 1 out of 4 please tell me how come just like 2% over 100%, I still have about 40 minutes left because I have rushed 2 out of 4 but nevertheless I lost about 48% out of my mark some still have 47 55 58 44 minutes among us but this woman ordered is member to wiped up our exam out of screen. I personally I will not forgive her, till hereafter because my target is 180 or 200 but useless idiot woman let me end up with 171. my center is WEST HIGH SCHOOL , ojokoro village ikorodu Lagos. Lagos State.

  41. my jamb score Is poor.
    i scored 188 I don’t know if I can gain admission with it?
    I want to study LAW
    and I put ESUT as my first choice

  42. I scored 226 in jamb can i gain admission to the university of ibadan for physioterapy.if not advise me on the kind of course i can change to.

  43. Thanks mr Ben. Assuming nw… One score 183 nd d cutoff mark of d school of choice is 180 nd d course cutoff mark is 180…. Can dat person hav hope?

    • You need to change. Cos a lot of People with more than 200 jamb score will still apply for that Course and they will be admitted first because they have higher JAMB Score.

      • Thnks… But d cutoff mark of my course of choice is 180 nd i score 183….. D course is education field at unilorin

  44. I have two comments here that need immediate response with a good and clear advice.
    Firstly, I scored 208 in my Jamb but initially I intended to study medicine and surgery at Unilorin but due to my poor mark, I couldn’t wish so any longer. So what course do you think and mostly preferable I could process now with 208 basically on medicine field?
    secondly, although sometimes I do wish to go for Computer Science as a course to study in school cuz I do have keen in computer from the very beginning but unfortunately I registered for:
    1. use of English
    2. Physics
    3. Biology and;
    4. chemistry.
    And from what I’ve been reading on the net and heard from peeps so far concerning studying Computer Science in any tertiary institutions, one must write Mathematics in Jamb but instead I wrote Physics in place due to my final divine course to study (Medicine and Surgery), so now what’s ur opinion on this on what to do and which University and course is good to study and go for???


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