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Are you looking for the list of courses you can study without Literature In English in Jamb or O-Level? Or probably the list of courses you can study with D7, E8 or F9 in WAEC  or NECO.

If the answer you have for the question above is yes, then relax as we have the answer to your question.


Before we jump into providing you the list of courses one can apply for without Literature In English, let’s take a little break and analyse why people ask or seek for this answer.

There are two reasons why some people search for courses that does not require Literature In English.

1. Those that failed Literature In English (Had D7, E8 or F9) in their O-Level Results (WAEC or NECO)

2. Those that are having issues understanding Literature In English or don’t have much idea about the course but managed to Pass during their O-Level examination.

3. As a bonus, another set of people may be those that did not write Literature In English in Jamb.

Before gaining admission into any higher institution be it University, Polytechnic or Colleges of Education to study a particular course, some certain requirements are needed from each applicant for the course in question which they applied for.

Some of those requirements involve having a minimum of Credit in Literature In English in the O-Level certificate (WAEC, NECO, GCE etc) for some courses.

This means that the individual must credit Literature In English before applying for the course. Due to some inconveniences, many candidates are unable to have a minimum of Credit (C4, C5 or C6) in their WAEC, NECO or GCE results. Some end up having D7, E8 or F9 in the subject which in turn makes them ineligible to apply for that course.

Does that mean that all hope has been lost because their didn’t pass Literature In English in WAEC or NECO? Not at all. In this post, we are going to list out the courses one can apply for without Literature In English.

Now let’s go back and give an answer to the following set of questions:

What Courses Does not Require Literature In English?

Which Course can i apply for Without Passing Literature In English?

Can I get admission into any Course Without Literature In English?

Which course can i gain admission into without Crediting Literature In English?

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See Jamb Subject (Course) Combination For All Courses 2017/2018

List Of Courses That Does Not Require Literature In English In JAMB?NECO/WAEC

  • All Social Science Courses Apart From the Following:
    • International Relations

    • Mass Communication
    • English and Literary Studies
    • Theatre Arts
    • Others Not mentioned here can be studied without Literature or with Literature been an Optional Course.

List Of Courses With Literature In English As An option (Optional)

The list Of Courses With Literature In English as optional are for those that did not write Literature In English in JAMB and may also include those that had low grades in O Level (WAEC,NECO, GCE) etc. Some of the courses below can also be studies even if had D7,E8 or F9 in WAEC, NECO or GCE.

  • Economics

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  1. Math -B3
    Lit-in Eng-D7
    Civic education-B2
    Book keeping-A1
    Can I study mass-communication or international relations with this result help me out

  2. Pls what can I study with this result
    Mathematics B3
    English language C6
    Economics C6
    Data processing D7
    Civic Education C6
    Literature in English F9
    Biology C5
    CRS D7
    Government A1

  3. Commerce B3
    Data processing c6
    CRS B2
    Government B2
    Literature in English f9
    Civic education B3
    English language C6
    Mathematics B3
    Biology c6

    Please i really need your really need your help in choosing the course to study and I didn’t put economics, please can you tell me the list of courses to study

  4. hello !

    pls help me out

    A in dye and bleaching
    B in government
    B in english
    B in mathes
    C in civics
    C in crs
    C in biology
    D in yoruba
    F in literature

    i didn’t do economics
    pls i need your help on this

  5. Can I study mass communication with this results
    Math c6
    English b3
    Government b3
    Crs c6
    Civic education C5
    Data processing b3
    Economics A1
    Yoruba c6
    Literature in English F9
    Please I need your advice

  6. what course can I go for with
    Data processing C6
    CRS D7
    GOVT. C4
    Lit. In ENG. E8
    Civic Edu. B3
    ENG. LANG. C6
    MATHS C6

  7. Please why can I study with these:
    C.r.k. B3
    Economics. C6
    Government. A1
    Literature in English. E8
    Civic Education. B2
    English Language. C5
    Mathematics. C6
    Biology. C6
    Catering Craft Pracice. D7

  8. i got math c5
    english c5
    civic b2
    government c6
    yoruba c6
    economis c4
    crs d7
    lit in eng f9
    can i study education wit dis result

  9. Can I study local government and administration with this in my waec result…
    Marketing… C4
    Economic… C6
    Mathematics… C6
    English….. C6
    Irk……. F9
    Yoruba…. F9
    Civil… D7
    Literature.. D7

  10. in my west Africa examination council (waec) result I have
    Marketing B2
    literature in English E8
    mathematics C4
    English language C6
    economic B2
    civil education B2
    Government B2
    agricultural science B2
    what can I study in the university

  11. Can I study philosophy with e8 in my literature? And can I use this subject combination: maths, English, govt, literature, English, economics, Igbo and civic education?

  12. If truly i can study mass com with my D7 in literature i swear i will be forever grateful to you because you are the one giving me hope to do this ….God Bless


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