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How to Apply For Overseas Graduate Scholarship

When it comes to overseas graduate scholarship Students who want to study abroad can find it difficult to pay for their studies, but there are ways to spread out the cost.

In addition to fundraising and taking on summer jobs, there is also a variety of overseas graduate scholarship opportunities available.

Take note, scholarships are typically offered by study abroad program providers, third-party organizations, and your home university’s international office.

Thousands of dollars of scholarship money go unclaimed every year as a result of people not applying. This money could be yours if you apply.

Getting a scholarship to study abroad is not just about finding them, but also applying for them and, eventually, winning them.

They’ll reduce your expenses and make your study abroad experience more affordable, even if they don’t completely cover study abroad costs.

Our guide on how to apply for overseas graduate scholarship below will help you get some study abroad scholarship easily.

Who Is Most Likely To Be Awarded Overseas Graduate Scholarship?

Who Is Most Likely To Be Awarded Overseas Graduate Scholarship?

1. Students pursuing PhDs 

You stand a strong chance of receiving funding. At this stage of your academic career, your university can benefit much from your assistance with research and teaching. 

You may also be eligible for a fellowship grant, which provides funding for your study from institutions, businesses, people, or governments. 

If you pursue a Doctorate in a technical field that appeals to numerous businesses, this is very typical.

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2. Master’s students

As a Master’s student, you have a wealth of experience and are able to assist a lecturer or the administrative staff at your university. 

Looking at it, this entails working 10 hours per week in exchange for free education.

The precise amount will vary between universities; some may even cover your living expenses, while others may pay you a regular wage in lieu of compensation.

3. Academic Excellence

Outstanding academic performance increases your chances of receiving a scholarship, particularly if you do well on the necessary entry examinations. 

This is really true if you apply to a school that is not at the top of the rankings because getting top students can help them go up the rankings.

4. Students with a special skill

Several institutions, particularly in the US, award scholarships to students who excel in athletics, music, or other related fields since they can bolster the university’s team and help put the institution on the map if they become famous.

5. Poor students: 

The family’s financial situation is frequently taken into account while awarding scholarships. 

While students from more affluent households are expected to support themselves, many scholarships attempt to aid low-income students in obtaining a high education. 

Many prestigious universities, including Harvard, offer extensive financial aid packages with set amounts that you can receive based on your family’s income. 

If you come from a low-income home, practically all of your tuition will be covered. Getting admitted to these colleges is really difficult if you don’t know what to do.

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Where can I find scholarships for studying abroad?

1. At the school you are applying to:

Your best chance of receiving a scholarship is through the school you are applying to because the majority of them seek international students. 

If you can maintain certain grades, many colleges provide scholarships that can lower your tuition costs.

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A few examples are Seattle Central College and a 10% scholarship guarantee for study abroad semesters at the highly regarded University of California Santa Barbara. 

Visit the school’s website which is based abroad to check for information on scholarships, and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. In this way, when you apply, they might already be familiar with you.

2. In the country where you will study:

Numerous nations provide scholarships for new international students in the place where you will study. 

A well-known example of this is the Fulbright Commission, which provides scholarships for foreign students who wish to study in the United States. 

Havn’t said that, you can find this type of scholarship for almost any country by searching for “scholarships for international students to the US” and substituting the country of your choice for the United States. 

What you need to do is to search for alternatives like subject or talent+scholarship+country, for example “rugby scholarships Australia” or “psychology scholarships uk”. 

3. In your home country

Many nations provide loans and subsidies to students going overseas to pursue higher education. Look into what your country has to offer. 

Several organizations in your nation also provide scholarships to deserving and bright students. American students who desire to study abroad can apply for scholarships from the Fulbright Commission in the US, and US army veterans can use the GI Bill to pay for their education.

4. Scholarship databases and consultants: 

You can find scholarships online using a variety of different scholarship databases and consultants. 

While some are free, many may charge you for their services. Fastweb is a reliable resource for finding scholarships for US universities. 

To find additional scholarly databases, use Google. Be sure you don’t have to pay to apply for a scholarship because if you do, it’s probably a scam.

How to apply for overseas graduate scholarship?

1. Organize, prioritize and apply on time

If you research scholarships online, note the scholarship url, the amount, the application requirements, the deadline, and who the scholarship is for.

After you have researched scholarships, you should prioritize them. Which scholarships will likely be valuable to you? Which ones have a close deadline?

2. Apply for many

If you apply for more scholarships, your chances of receiving one are better, and you might even get lucky enough to receive more than one scholarship. But be certain to do your best in each application you submit.

The best application is one or few that is well-written and complete, rather than ten that is incomplete or sloppy.

3. Apply early to your preferred school:

Scholarships are given out by schools the most. Many schools let students apply for their scholarships concurrently with their study applications.

You will only be awarded a scholarship once you have been accepted into your program. Scholarships are limited, so you should apply early (at least six months before the start of your course) to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

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To Apply For Overseas Graduate Scholarship What Do I Need To Include In The Application?

Depending on the scholarship, you will have to submit different documents, such as a CV/resume, an essay, a transcript of your grades, and financial aid documentation.

Let us take a look at those things that an applicants should include in the application below.

1. Essay

For you to get a scholarship, your essay is crucial. Don’t just hurriedly pen a note and place it in an envelope. 

Improve your essay. Let the process take a few days as you write it piece by piece. Make sure to persuade the reader of your need for this scholarship and your desire to attend a specific university or program. 

Be engaging, passionate, and personal. Perhaps you could use a personal experience to illustrate your idea. 

But you should also pay attention to what the scholarship provider is asking for and whether there is a word count restriction. 

Once you have a strong essay written, all you need to do is modify it to meet each application.

2. Letter of recommendation

For many scholarships, you must additionally include a recommendation letter. Your mother, your lover, or anyone else with whom you have a close personal relationship shouldn’t write this. 

It should be written by a professor, employer, or coach who has professional knowledge of you and your abilities.

In order to avoid including extraneous information like the name of the scholarship you are looking for, it can be a good idea to ask your references to sign multiple copies of the letter if you want to apply for numerous scholarships. 

Be sure to acknowledge the assistance of your references.

3. Make your application stand out

It’s very essential to separate out from the throng when applying for competitive scholarships. A strong academic history and/or an engaging essay are also solid places to start. 

Also, you might wish to use a bright envelope or a unique stamp without going overboard, add a photo, and so forth.

Although they are not required, you can offer references or qualifications if you have any.

Alternatively, if you feel comfortable in front of the camera, you may make a YouTube presentation and include a QR code, but what works for one scholarship may not work for another.

There are times when it is best to keep things formal. Get to know the school or organisation you are applying for. You might get a better chance of getting in if you have contacted them beforehand.

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4. Submit your application

You should always submit your application before the deadline. Check all the information they ask for in your essay and CV, and double-check the address and label on your envelope.

Make sure your contact information is included in the application. Once you have completed the application, be sure to sign it.

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