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List of Courses Offered in Colleges of Education in Nigeria

What are the list of courses offered in colleges of education in Nigeria? If you want to study in one of the colleges of education in Nigeria then continue reading this post as we published the list of courses offered in colleges of education in Nigeria.

Having made the introduction above, this is a notice to all those who are interested in applying for admission into any of the colleges of education in Nigeria that the list of courses that can be studied in a college of education in Nigeria has been released and published here in this post.

List of Courses Offered in Colleges of Education

The list of courses offered in colleges of education are as follows:

Adult and Non-Formal Education
Adult Education
Agricultural Science
Arabic / Christian Regional Studies
Arabic / Creative And Cultural Arts
Arabic / Economics
Arabic / English
Arabic / French
Arabic / Geography
Arabic / Hausa
Arabic / History
Arabic / Igbo
Arabic / Islamic Studies
Arabic / Kanuri
Arabic / Political Science
Arabic / Social Studies
Arabic / Theatre Arts
Arabic / Yoruba
Arabic Medium
Biology / Chemistry
Biology / Geography
Biology / Integrated Science
Biology / Mathematics
Biology / Physics
Business Education
Chemistry / Integrated Science
Chemistry / Mathematics
Chemistry / Physics
Christian Religious Studies / Computer Education
Christian Religious Studies / Economics
Christian Religious Studies / Efik
Christian Religious Studies / English
Christian Religious Studies / French
Christian Religious Studies / Geography
Christian Religious Studies / Hausa L2
Christian Religious Studies / History
Christian Religious Studies / Ibibio
Christian Religious Studies / Idoma
Christian Religious Studies / Igala
Christian Religious Studies / Maths
Christian Religious Studies / Theatre Arts
Christian Religious Studies / Tiv
Christian Religious Stusies / Fine Arts
Christian Religiuos Studies / Hausa
Christian Religiuos Studies / Political Science
Christians Religion Studies / Igbo
Christians Religion Studies / Igbo L2
Christians Religion Studies / Social Studies
Christians Religion Studies / Yoruba
Computer Education / Accounting
Computer Education / Biology
Computer Education / Chemistry
Computer Education / Economics
Computer Education / English
Computer Education / Geography
Computer Education / Music
Computer Education / Physics
Computer Science / Business Studies
Computer Science / Fine And Applied Arts
Computer Science / Political Science
Computer Science / Secretarial Studies
Computer Science / Social Studies
Computer Science Education / Integrated Science
Computer Science Education / Mathematics
Cultural and Creative Art / C.R.S
Cultural and Creative Art / English
Cultural and Creative Art / French
Cultural and Creative Art / Hausa
Cultural and Creative Art / Igbo
Cultural and Creative Art / Islamic Studies
Cultural and Creative Art / Political Science
Cultural and Creative Art / Social Studies
Cultural and Creative Art / Yoruba
Early Childhood Care Education
Economics / English
Economics / French
Economics / Geography
Economics / History
Economics / Igbo
Economics / Mathematics
Economics / Physics
Economics / Political Science
Economics / Social Studies
Economics / Yoruba
Edo / Computer Science
Edo / English
Edo / Social Studies
Education and Fine and Applied Arts
English / Economics
English / Efik
English / French
English / Geography
English / Hausa
English / Hausa L2
English / History
English / Ibibio
English / Idoma
English / Igala
English / Igbo
English / Igbo L2
English / Ika
English / Integrated Science
English / Islamic Studies
English / Kanuri
English / Mathematics
English / Music
English / Okpameri
English / Political Science
English / Social Studies
English / Theatre Arts
English / Tiv
English / Ukwani
English / Yoruba
English / Yoruba L2
English And Fine And Applied Arts
English Language
Fine And Applied Art
Fine And Applied Art / Hausa L2
Fine And Applied Art / Yoruba
French / Computer Science
French / Hausa
French / Hausa L2
French / History
French / Ibibio
French / Igala
French / Igbo
French / Igbo L2
French / IKA
French / Islamic Studies
French / Kanuri
French / Mathematics
French / Music
French / Political Science
French / Social Studies
French / Theatre Arts
French / Tiv
French / Ukwani
French / Yoruba
French / Yoruba L2
Fulfulde / Arabic
Fulfulde / English
Fulfulde / Hausa
Fulfulde / Islamic Studies
Fulfulde / Social Studies
Geography / Chemistry
Geography / Fine Art
Geography / French
Geography / History
Geography / Integrated Science
Geography / Mathematics
Geography / Physics
Geography / Political Science
Geography / Social Studies
Geography / Yoruba
Hausa / Economics
Hausa / Geography
Hausa / History
Hausa / Igbo
Hausa / Igbo L2
Hausa / Islamic Studies
Hausa / Kanuri
Hausa / Music
Hausa / Political Science
Hausa / Social Studies
Hausa / Theater Arts
Hausa / Yoruba
Hausa / Yoruba L2
Hausa L 2 / Islamic Studies
Hausa L2 / Music
Hausa L2 / Social Studies
Hausa L2 / Yoruba
History / Idoma
History / Igbo
History / Igbo L2
History / Ika
History / Islamic Studies
History / Nigerian Laguages
History / Political Science
History / Social Studies
History / Theatre Art
History / Tiv
History / Ukwani
History / Yoruba
History And Fine And Applied Arts
Home Economics
Human / Theatre Arts
Human Kinetics
Ibibio / English
Igbo / Computer Science
Igbo / Hausa L2
Igbo / Integarted Science
Igbo / Islamic Studies
Igbo / Mathematics
Igbo / Music
Igbo / Political Science
Igbo / Social Studies
Igbo / Theatre Arts
Igbo / Yoruba
Igbo / Yoruba L2
Igbo And Fine And Applied Arts
Igbo L2 / Mathematics
Igbo L2 / Social Studies
Ikar / Social Studies
Integrated Science
Integrated Science / Economics
Integrated Science / Mathematics Education
Integrated Science / Physics
Integrated Science / Social Studies
Integrated Science / Yoruba
Islamic Studies
Islamic Studies / Christian Religious Studies
Islamic Studies / Computer Education
Islamic Studies / Economics
Islamic Studies / Geography
Islamic Studies / Kanuri
Islamic Studies / Political Science
Islamic Studies / Social Studies
Islamic Studies / Yoruba
Isoko / Christian Religious Studies
Isoko / English
Isoko / Social Studies
Itsekiri / English
Izon / Christian Religious Studies
Izon / English
Izon / Social Studies
Kanuri / History
Kanuri / Social Studies
Mathematics / Hausa
Mathematics / Hausa L2
Mathematics / Physics
Mathematics / Social Studies
Mathematics / Yoruba
Mathematics / Yoruba L2
Music / Arabic
Music / Christian Religious Studies
Music / Economics
Music / History
Music / Igbo L2
Music / Islamic Studies
Music / Mathematics
Music / Physics
Music / Political Science
Music / Social Studies
Music / Theatre Arts
Music / Yoruba
Physical and Health Education
Physics / Music
Political Science / Fine And Applied Arts
Political Science / Ibibio
Political Science / Igala
Political Science / Islamic Studies
Political Science / Mathematics
Political Science / Social Studies
Political Science / Tiv
Political Science / Yoruba
Primary Education Studies
Social Studies
Social Studies / Creative Arts
Social Studies / Efik
Social Studies / Fine And Applied Arts
Social Studies / Fine Art
Social Studies / Ibibio
Social Studies / Idoma
Social Studies / Igala
Social Studies / Tiv
Social Studies / Yoruba
Special Education
Special Education / Agricultural Science
Special Education / Arabic
Special Education / Biology
Special Education / Business Education
Special Education / Chemistry
Special Education / Christian Studies
Special Education / Computer Science
Special Education / Economics
Special Education / English
Special Education / Fine Art (D / M)
Special Education / French
Special Education / Geography
Special Education / Hausa
Special Education / Home Economics (Double Major)
Special Education / Igbo
Special Education / Integrated Science
Special Education / Islamic Studies
Special Education / Mathematics
Special Education / Music
Special Education / Physical And Health Education
Special Education / Social Studies
Special Education / Theatre Arts
Special Education / Yoruba
Special Needs Education
Technical Education
Theatre Art / Fine And Applied Art
Theatre Art / Ika
Theatre Arts
Theatre Arts / Edo
Theatre Arts / Irs
Theatre Arts / Isoko
Theatre Arts / Itsekiri
Theatre Arts / Izon
Theatre Arts / Social Studies
Theatre Arts / Urhobo
Theatre Arts / Yoruba
Tiv / Theatre Arts
Ukwani / Social Studies
Urhobo / English
Urhobo / Social Studies
Yoruba / Computer Science
Yoruba / Mathematics
Yoruba / Social Studies
Yoruba L1 / Hausa L2


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