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Cal Poly Academic Calendar 2023-2024

This page outlines the Cal Poly Academic Calendar for 2023-2024 academic year. The Academic Calendar on this page lists all relevant holidays, breaks, class start and end dates, as well as Registration and Bursar dates. It provides a comprehensive schedule of activities for an academic year, including final exam week, breaks, and the end of the semester.

Bear this in mind, the academic calendar helps everyone remember important dates and events. Students, teachers, and staff rely on it to know when things are happening at school. It’s not just for people on campus; it also gives information to parents, former students, and new students who are thinking about coming to the school.

This academic calendar is important because it shows what life is like at the school and helps people decide if they want to be part of it. So, it’s a very useful tool that makes the school experience better for everyone.

Cal Poly Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Cal Poly Academic Calendar 2023-2024

SUMMER TERM Cal Poly Academic Calendar 2023

June 26MondayBeginning of university year
Beginning of summer term – classes begin
July 4TuesdayAcademic holiday – Independence Day
July 10MondayEnd of second week of instruction
July 17MondayEnd of third week of instruction – Census date
August 18FridayTwenty Percent of Instruction Remaining
September 1FridayLast day of classes for 10-week session
September 4MondayAcademic holiday – Labor Day
September 5-7Tuesday-ThursdayFinal examination period for 10-week session
September 7ThursdayEnd of summer term
September 8-13Friday-WednesdayAcademic holiday

FALL TERM Cal Poly Academic Calendar 2023

September 14ThursdayBeginning of fall term (faculty only)
September 21ThursdayFall term classes begin
October 4WednesdayEnd of second week of instruction
October 11WednesdayEnd of third week of instruction – Census date
November 10FridayAcademic holiday – Veterans Day observed
November 17FridayTwenty Percent of Instruction Remaining
November 20 – 26Monday – SundayAcademic holiday – Fall Break
December 8FridayLast day of classes
December 9SaturdayCommon final exams (optional)
December 11-15Monday – FridayFinal examination period
December 16SaturdayFaculty workday, no classes

End of fall term

December 17-January 7Sunday-SundayAcademic holiday

WINTER TERM Cal Poly Academic Calendar 2024

January 8MondayBeginning of winter term – classes begin
January 15MondayAcademic holiday – Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday observed
January 16TuesdayClasses follow a Monday schedule
January 22MondayEnd of second week of instruction
January 29MondayEnd of third week of instruction – Census date
February 19MondayAcademic holiday –  Washington’s Birthday observed
March 1FridayTwenty Percent of Instruction Remaining
March 15FridayLast day of classes
March 16SaturdayCommon final exams (optional)
March 18-22Monday – FridayFinal examination period
March 25MondayEvaluation Day (faculty workday, no classes)

End of term

March 26 – April 1Tuesday – MondayAcademic Holiday

SPRING TERM Cal Poly Academic Calendar 2024

April 2TuesdayBeginning of spring term – classes begin
April 15MondayEnd of second week of instruction
April 22MondayEnd of third week of instruction – Census date
May 23ThursdayTwenty Percent of Instruction Remaining
May 27MondayAcademic holiday – Memorial Day observed
May 28TuesdayClasses follow a Monday schedule
June 7FridayLast day of classes
June 8SaturdayCommon final exams (optional)
June 10-14Monday – FridayFinal examination period
June 15-16Saturday – SundayCommencement
June 16SundayEnd of term

End of university year


Academic Year (fws) for Cal Poly Academic Calendar
Beginning Year/Term5
MWF Days30302929
TR Days19211919
Total Qtr Instructional Days49514848
Final ExamsTBD*555
Evaluation Day11
Total Qtr Academic Work Days49*625454
  • Total Academic Year Instructional Days (F-W-Sp) = 147
  • Total Academic Year Work Days (F-W-Sp) = 170

*Final exam periods for summer term are determined by the number and length of sessions offered.

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