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10 Best Cheapest University in UK to Study Abroad

The best cheapest university in UK are for those who cannot afford the more costlier ones. Both for undergraduate and graduate programs, the UK has a large number of affordable universities. 

The tuition price is the most important factor to take into account before anyone considers moving to the UK. 

Research shows that the high cost of studying in the UK is primarily due to living expenses, including rent, food, transportation, and other related costs.

Several universities in the UK charge overseas/foreign students the same minimum tuition of £9,250 as domestic students.

This leads us to the 10 best cheapest university in UK below.

10 Best Cheapest University in UK to Study Abroad

There are many top-notch universities in the UK, each with its own unique style, benefits, strengths, and so on. Yet, for foreign students who want to study in the UK, the high cost of living might be a major deterrent.

When it comes to the quality of their education and the breadth of their academic offerings are not compromised by their reasonable rates.

Studying in the UK is one of the most interesting things for anyone. This is because UK institutions don’t compromise the quality of their programs in order to get money in exchange.

Also, they are highly regarded in their specialties and have solid international reputations to start with.

We have produced a list of some of the least expensive universities in the UK to make studying there more reasonable.

10 Best Cheapest University in UK

1. Wrexham Glyndŵr University

The first on our list when it comes to the best cheapest university in UK is the Wrexham Glyndwr University. It is one of the best cheapest university in UK.

It has campuses in Kingston upon Thames, London, as well as Wrexham, Northrop, and St. Asaph in northeastern Wales. (Travelers, pack your bags; there is no better spot to discover).

Also, take note that, Glyndwr is one of the smaller campuses, with a total enrollment of less than 7000 students, 36% of whom are postgraduate students from countries outside the UK and EU.

It is recognized as the tenth-most reasonably priced university for international students and has a 92.1% employment rate (I can see you guys packing already).

Don’t pass up the chance to attend one of the greatest Universities (more of a family) at reasonable costs..

  • Undergraduate Fees:  £9,000
  • Postgraduate Fees: £10,750.

the actual cost may vary depending on the course of study. Some of those programs, such as those in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science, may have a higher tuition fee due to additional clinical or laboratory costs and noting else.

But you can always refer to the school websites to get additional information on it.

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2. University of Chichester

The University of Chichester is situated in the stunning countryside of west Sussex.

Although the university does not have the largest postgraduate student body and the percentage of international students is considerably lower, this does not affect the quality of their courses.

This school offers a variety of incredible courses, including philosophy, ethics, theology, drama, and adventure education (yep, you read it correctly).

It is worth noting that the university and campus are an ideal location for theater aficionados, as Chichester is renowned for its Roman connections and the Festival Theater. This allows visitors to time travel back several centuries and experience the rich cultural heritage of the area.

Even with that, they also provide the top teacher preparation programs. This is indeed incredible, affordable but also good for schooling for both international students and local students from the home town.

  • Undergraduate Fees:  £9,000
  • Postgraduate Fees:£10,620

As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for” isn’t it? Yes Definitely! However, when it comes to education, fees can vary widely depending on the program, level of education, location, and other factors.

Every international student may have different fee structures and options (depending) more than students from the Uk.

3. University of Cumbria

One of the most affordable universities for international students interested in pursuing their postgraduate studies in the UK is the University of Cumbria, with its numerous campuses dispersed around England.

Even though the number of international students at Cumbria is not the highest, it is very significant, especially for specific degrees, such as those related to medicine.

The University’s campuses in Carlisle, Lancaster, Ambleside, Barrow-In-Furness, Workington, and London support its expansion both academically and geographically.

To spice it up, international students benefit from having the most affordable housing in the Northwest, with rooms starting at just £10 per night (Looking at the bank account seems so cozy, right?!).

  • Undergraduate Fees:  £10,500
  • Postgraduate Fees:£10,500

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4. Newman University

At Newman University, small size is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. The university’s intimate learning environment allows for personalized attention and care that helps students achieve their full potential.

The faculty and staff are passionate about creating a community of learners that values ethics, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

Newman University’s commitment to providing a relevant education is evident in the design of its degree programs, which are developed in collaboration with employers to ensure that graduates are prepared for the real world.

Additionally, employers highly seek the university’s graduates due to the practical skills and knowledge they acquire during their time at Newman.

  • Undergraduate Fees:  £9,250
  • Postgraduate Fees:£10,400

5. University of the Highlands and Islands

Nestled within the picturesque Scottish Highlands, the University of Highlands and Islands offers an expansive campus that houses 13 academic partners and research institutions.

With a diverse array of courses ranging from Viking studies to management and accountancy, the university offers a unique and exciting opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and skill set.

It depends on the area you are living in, different areas have different living expenses at the University of Highlands and Islands.

In general, the Highlands and Islands have cheaper living expenses than the rest of the UK. You cant compare it to urban locations because, rent and food prices tend to be lower, yet the remote location may result in greater transportation costs.

Sincerly speaking, there is a high hike in the price on goods and services in the Urban areas..

  • Undergraduate Fees:  £11,000
  • Postgraduate Fees:£10,300

6. University of Suffolk

If you are a foreign post-graduate student who is seeking an affordable education in the UK, the University of Suffolk is a great choice for you as it comes with an annual tuition of just £10,080. 

People see and regard this school as one of the newest universities in the UK. One notable thing that we love about the university is its constant striving to create a unique and dynamic learning experience that is relevant to the modern world we live in today.

This is how education should be, it should be revolving, improving for a better learning experience..

  • Undergraduate Fees: £9,250
  • Postgraduate Fees: £10,080

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7. York St John University

The school has approximately 20,000 students, York St. John University, located in York, England, is one of the largest universities in the world.

It is a center of excellence since it offers more than 50 postgraduate courses and almost 100 undergraduate degree programs when compared to other schools.

It is also interesting to note that, the university guarantees employment for up to 94% of its graduates, making it a better location overall.

The school has adequate cultural variety because the university is close to York Monster. So, what else is necessary, what more do you need? York has set a well-balanced future for you.

Whether you are an international student or not, being part of this school ensures that you are a part and parcel of the bright future ahead.

  • Undergraduate Fees: £10,000
  • Postgraduate Fees:  £10,000

8. University of Bedfordshire

Another cheapest university is the University of Bedfordshire, located in Buckinghamshire, is a popular choice for students from all over the world. 

Also, with a significant proportion of its student body coming from overseas – that is the international students, including 50% of postgraduate students from outside the EU, the university offers a truly international learning experience – this is a home away from home. 

So, if you are really interested, there is no need to wait. Why not enroll by applying today and get ready to embark on an unforgettable learning exercise? More information has been provided on the school websites.

  • Undergraduate Fees:  £10,500
  • Postgraduate Fees:£9,900

9. University of Chester

The University of Chester’s leading courses include those related to medicine and business & administrative studies, and roughly 30% of its students are from outside.

The university experience for both local and foreign students centers around Chester, which ranks as the fifth most beautiful city in Europe and the fifth finest location to live in Britain.

Aside from that, it comes with a graduate employment rate of 95.3%, and it is a superior option for students from abroad. There isn’t a better location to study than the University of Chester if you want a contemporary setting with a strong sense of history and culture. This is a fact.

  • Undergraduate Fees:  £9,250
  • Postgraduate Fees:£9,700

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10. Royal Veterinary college

Established in 1791, the Royal Veterinary College joined the University of London in 1949.

One of the top academic centers for veterinary medicine, biosciences, and veterinary nursing in the globe is the Royal Veterinary College.

The RVC won a TEF Gold award(Opens in new window) for the excellence of teaching, the learning environment, and the educational and professional outcomes attained by students. It was also listed among the top 10 universities in the UK for biosciences.

The RVC is at the forefront of veterinary and biological science because of its reputation for creative methods to teaching, learning, and clinical care as well.

  • Undergraduate Fees:  £9,000
  • Postgraduate Fees:£8,925

Although attending a cheap university is preferable, studying in the UK is fantastic. The ability to pay your fees without concern is unmatched. Every year, a sizable portion of students from around the world come to the UK to study.

This is not surprising given that the UK’s higher education system and credentials enjoy an exceptional reputation abroad.

Top universities, prestigious employers, and governmental organizations all recognize the value of the UK degree, which opens up numerous opportunities to land a job with a reputable organization.

That has been the best and cheapest university in UK. Keep on checking our website to learn more about daily educational news.

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