Will You Write JAMB Mock Exam If You Did Not Register It?


A lot of candidates wants to know whether they will write the JAMB Mock Exam if they did not register it.


JAMB Mock Exam examination is Pre-JAMB Test introduced by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to prepare candidates prior to the Main Examination that will be starting on the 6th of May 2017.

JAMB Has officially stated that the Mock Exam is not compulsory for all candidates and only those who wish to, can register for the Mock Exam.

Having Said that, All candidates who are writing JAMB for the first time will really benefit from the mock exam since it will expose and prepare them on how the system works before the main JAMB Examination.

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The Answer to the question above is NO. Jamb made it easier for candidates who wish to write or sit for the Mock Exam to register it with an additional N700 during the JAMB registration.

This means that those who will be writing the Mock exam ought to have indicated interest in the mock exam during they registration so as for it to be included.

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  1. Date of message: 11-Apr-2017 [22:18:41]
    Gud Evening Pls i av a problem wit my Utme Combination.
    After registering jamb and also thumb printing,upon collecting my printout i found out dat Deir was a mistake in my UTME subject combination.
    Instead of ENG,Biology,Govt And CRS(cos i applied sociology)
    i saw ENG,biology,Physics and Chemistry and i dnt knw wot to do.
    Pls myschool help me,can anything be done about it?
    Pls ur reply will do lot of gud
    tnx in anticipation.
    From Stephaniecutie

  2. Please am done wit everyfin concerninq JAMB registration buh i didn’t indicate wether i ws gonna write the mock or nt cos dere ws no space for dat, can i still register for d mock??? Pls reply cus am soo confused!


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