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UDUSOK School Fees Schedule For 2018/2019 | See Amount

The school fees of the Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUSOK) for 2018/2019 academic session has been published on this page. All students are to proceed below and check details on UDUSOK school fees.


The general public are hereby informed that UDUSOK School fees schedule for 2018/2019 academic session has been released by the management of the Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto. All those who want to know how much UDUSOK is paying as school fees before either choosing them in JAMB or applying to study in the University can now go ahead and access the information as it has been provided on this page.

Have you asked “How Much is UDUSOK School Fees” Before? If so, i am pleased to inform you that we have dedicated this post to provide you with information on UDUSOK School Fees for 2018/2019 academic session. This will now put your mind to rest concerning your initial cravings to know about the Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto School Fees.

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Please note that the Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto Tuition Fee is paid annually and not per semester as some people may have it.

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UDUSOK School Fees Schedule.

UDUSOK Fresh Students School Fees Schedule.

Note to Mobile users: Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

1B. AGRICULTURE34,800.0034,800.00
2B. FISHERIES34,800.0034,800.00
3B. FORESTRY34,800.0034,800.00
4B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE31,800.0031,800.00
5B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE31,800.0031,800.00
6B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE31,800.0031,800.00
7B.A. FRENCH31,800.0031,800.00
8B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE31,800.0031,800.00
9B.A. HISTORY31,800.0031,800.00
10B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES31,800.0031,800.00
11B.A. LINGUISTICS31,800.0031,800.00
12B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)31,800.0031,800.00
13B.A. Ed. (ARABIC)31,800.0036,800.00
14B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)31,800.0036,800.00
15B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)31,800.0036,800.00
16B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)31,800.0036,800.00
17B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)31,800.0036,800.00
18B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)31,800.0036,800.00
19B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)31,800.0036,800.00
20B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)31,800.0036,800.00
21B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)31,800.0036,800.00
22B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)31,800.0036,800.00
23B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)31,800.0036,800.00
24B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)31,800.0036,800.00
25B.Eng. (CIVIL)49,800.0049,800.00
26B.Eng. (ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS)49,800.0049,800.00
27B.Eng. (MECHANICAL)49,800.0049,800.00
28B. Tech (ICT)49,800.0049,800.00
30MEDICINE (MBBS)54,800.0054,800.00
31B. Sc. NURSING54,800.0054,800.00
32B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY54,800.0054,800.00
33LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW41,800.0041,800.00
34B.Sc. ACCOUNTING39,800.0039,800.00
35B.Sc. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION31,800.0031,800.00
36B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION31,800.0031,800.00
38B. PHARMACY54,800.0054,800.00
39B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY34,800.0034,800.00
40B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY34,800.0034,800.00
41B.Sc. BIOLOGY34,800.0034,800.00
42B.Sc. BOTANY34,800.0034,800.00
43B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE42,800.0042,800.00
44B.Sc. GEOLOGY42,800.0042,800.00
45B.Sc. MATHEMATICS34,800.0034,800.00
46B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY34,800.0034,800.00
47B.Sc. PHYSICS34,800.0034,800.00
48B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY34,800.0034,800.00
49B.Sc. STATISTICS34,800.0034,800.00
50B.Sc. ZOOLOGY34,800.0034,800.00
51B.Sc. ECONOMICS31,800.0031,800.00
52B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY34,800.0034,800.00
53B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE31,800.0031,800.00
54B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY31,800.0031,800.00
55DVM (VETERINARY MEDICINE)49,800.0049,800.00

UDUSOK Returning Students School Fees Schedule.

Note to Mobile users: Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

1B. AGRICULTURE28,800.0028,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
2B. FISHERIES28,800.0028,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
3B. FORESTRY28,800.0028,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
4B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
5B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
6B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
7B.A. FRENCH25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
8B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
9B.A. HISTORY25,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
10B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
11B.A. LINGUISTICS25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
12B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)25,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
13B.A. Ed. (ARABIC)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
14B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
15B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
16B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
17B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
18B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
19B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
20B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
21B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
22B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
23B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
24B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
25B.Eng. (CIVIL)43,800.00
27B.Eng. (MECHANICAL)43,800.00
28B. Tech (ICT)43,800.00
30MEDICINE (MBBS)48,800.0048,800.0053,800.0052,800.00
31B. Sc. NURSING48,800.0053,800.0053,800.0052,800.00
32B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY48,800.0048,800.0053,800.0052,800.00
33LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW35,800.0035,800.0035,800.0039,800.00
34B.Sc. ACCOUNTING33,800.0033,800.0037,800.00
35B.Sc. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
36B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
37B.Sc. MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES48,800.0048,800.0048,800.0057,800.00
38B. PHARMACY48,800.0048,800.0053,800.0052,800.00
39B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
40B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
41B.Sc. BIOLOGY33,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
42B.Sc. BOTANY33,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
43B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE36,800.0041,800.0040,800.00
44B.Sc. GEOLOGY41,800.0046,800.0040,800.00
45B.Sc. MATHEMATICS28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
46B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
47B.Sc. PHYSICS28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
48B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
49B.Sc. STATISTICS28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
50B.Sc. ZOOLOGY33,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
51B.Sc. ECONOMICS25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
52B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY28,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
53B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
54B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
55DVM (VETERINARY MEDICINE)43,800.0048,800.0043,800.0043,800.0047,800.00

UDUSOK Spillover & Foreign Students School Fees Schedule.

Note to Mobile users: Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

1B. AGRICULTURE28,800.00100,000.00
2B. FISHERIES28,500.00100,000.00
3B. FORESTRY28,500.00100,000.00
4B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE25,800.00100,000.00
5B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE25,800.00100,000.00
6B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE25,800.00100,000.00
7B.A. FRENCH25,800.00100,000.00
8B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE25,800.00100,000.00
9B.A. HISTORY25,800.00100,000.00
10B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES25,800.00100,000.00
11B.A. LINGUISTICS25,800.00100,000.00
12B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)25,800.00100,000.00
13B.A. Ed. (ARABIC)25,800.00100,000.00
14B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)25,800.00100,000.00
15B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)25,800.00100,000.00
16B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)25,800.00100,000.00
17B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)25,800.00100,000.00
18B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)25,800.00100,000.00
19B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)25,800.00100,000.00
20B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)25,800.00100,000.00
21B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)25,800.00100,000.00
22B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)25,800.00100,000.00
23B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)25,800.00100,000.00
24B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)25,800.00100,000.00
25B.Eng. (CIVIL)100,000.00
27B.Eng. (MECHANICAL)100,000.00
28B. Tech (ICT)100,000.00
30MEDICINE (MBBS)48,800.00100,000.00
31B. Sc. NURSING48,800.00100,000.00
32B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY48,800.00100,000.00
33LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW35,800.00100,000.00
34B.Sc. ACCOUNTING33,800.00100,000.00
35B.Sc. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION25,800.00100,000.00
36B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION25,800.00100,000.00
37B.Sc. MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES48,800.00100,000.00
38B. PHARMACY48,800.00100,000.00
39B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY28,800.00100,000.00
40B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY28,800.00100,000.00
41B.Sc. BIOLOGY28,800.00100,000.00
42B.Sc. BOTANY28,800.00100,000.00
43B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE36,800.00100,000.00
44B.Sc. GEOLOGY36,800.00100,000.00
45B.Sc. MATHEMATICS28,800.00100,000.00
46B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY28,800.00100,000.00
47B.Sc. PHYSICS28,800.00100,000.00
48B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY28,800.00100,000.00
49B.Sc. STATISTICS28,800.00100,000.00
50B.Sc. ZOOLOGY28,800.00100,000.00
51B.Sc. ECONOMICS25,800.00100,000.00
52B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY28,800.00100,000.00
53B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE25,800.00100,000.00
54B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY25,800.00100,000.00
55DVM (VETERINARY MEDICINE)43,800.00100,000.00


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