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UDUSOK Postgraduate Courses | Usmanu Danfodiyo University Courses

The list of postgraduate (PG) courses offered by the Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto Kaduna (UDUSOK) school of postgraduate studies has been compiled. All those who are interested in applying for Postgraduate admission can now proceed and check UDUSOK postgraduate courses below.


This post contains the various postgraduate courses which are available in the Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto Kaduna (UDUSOK). Various aspirants and the general public can now check here for more details on the Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto Kaduna postgraduate courses. This article has been specially carved out for all those who are asking about the UDUSOK Postgraduate Courses.

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Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS), also known as Udusok and formerly University of Sokoto is one of the initial twelve federal government owned universities in Nigeria founded in 1975.

It is a research university located in the city of Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria.

The university is named after Usman dan Fodio, the founder of the Sokoto Caliphate.

The main campus houses faculties of Agriculture, Arts & Languages, Education, Engineering, Law, Sciences, social sciences – and research facilities.

The university senate, the main library complex (Abdullahi Fodiyo Library Complex) and the School of Postgraduate Studies are also located at the main campus.

The annex campus hosts the Veterinary Teaching Hospital with faculty of Veterinary medicine and its teaching hospital, the Centre for Islamic Studies and the school of remedial program(school of matriculation studies).

A third campus houses the university’s teaching hospital,Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and college of Health sciences.

UDUSOK Postgraduate Courses

1Faculty of Agriculture
a.Dept. of Soil SciencePh.D. Soil Science
M.Phil. Soil Science
MSc. Soil Science
b.Dept. of Forestry & EnvironmentPh.D. Forestry
M.Phil. Forestry
MSc. Forest Biology & Silviculture
c.Dept. of Animal SciencePh.D. Animal Science
M.Phil. Animal Science
MSc. Animal Science
PGD (Livestock Prod. & Mgnt.)
d.Dept. of Agric. EconsPh.D. Agric. Economics
M.Phil. Agric. Economics
MSc. Agric. Economics
PGD (Agric.Econs & Ext.)
e.Dept. of Crop SciencePh.D. Crop Science
M.Phil Crop Science
MSc. Crop Science
f.Dept. of Agric Ext. & Rural Dev.Ph.D. Agric Extension
M.Phil Agric. Extension
MSc. Agric Extention
g.Dept. of Fisheries & AquaculturePh.D. Fisheries Management & Aquaculture
M.Phil Fisheries Management & Aquaculture
MSc. Fisheries Management & Aquaculture
PGD Fisheries Management & Aquaculture
2Faculty of Arts & Islamic Studies
a.Dept. of ArabicPh.D. Arabic
M.A. Arabic
b.Dept. of Nigerian LanguagesPh.D Hausa Language
Ph.D Hausa Literature
Ph.D Hausa Culture
M.A. Hausa Language
M.A. Hausa Literature
M.A. Hausa Culture
c.Dept. of Modern EuropeanPh.D. English Language
Language & LinguisticsLanguage
Ph.D. Literature
Ph.D. Linguistics
Ph.D French
M.Phil English Language Language
M.Phil Literature
M.Phil Linguistics
M.Phil French
M.A English Language
M.A Literature
M.A Linguistics
M.A French
d.Dept. of HistoryPhD History
M.Phil History
M.A History
Masters in International Studies
PGD in Migration & Refugee Studies
e.Dept. of Islamic StudiesPh.D Islamic Studies
M.Phil Islamic Studies
M.A Islamic Studies
3.Faculty of Basic Med. Science (CHS)
a.Dept. of AnatomyPh.D. Anatomy
b.Dept. of Pharm & TheraPh.D. Pharmacology
MSc. Pharmacology
c.Dept. of PhysiologyPh.D. Physiology
M.Phil Physiology
MSc. Physiology
4.Faculty of Clinical Sciences (CHS)
5Faculty of Edu & Extension
Services Services
a.Dept. of Adult Edu & Extension ServicesM. Ed Adult Edu
M. Ed Primary Edu
b.Dept. of Curr & Edu TechPh.D. Language Education
M.Phil Language Education
M.Ed. Language Education
c.Dept. of Sci. & Voc. EduPh.D. Science Education
Ph.D. Maths Education
M.Phil Science Education
M.Phil Maths Education
M. Ed Science Education
M.Ed Maths Education
d.Dept. of Edu. FoundationsPh.D. Admin. & Planning
Ph.D. Educational Psychology
Ph.D. Sociology of Education
Ph.D. Philosophy of Education
Ph.D. Guidance & Councelling
M.Phil Admin. & Planning
M.Phil Sociology of Education
M.Phil Philosophy of Education
M.Phil Guidance & Councelling

M.Ed Admin. & Planning
M.Ed Educational Psychology
M.Ed Sociology of Education
M.Ed Philosophy of Education
M.Ed Guidance & Councelling
6.Faculty of Law
PhD. Law
Masters in Information & Communiction Tech. Law (MICTEL)
7Faculty of Management Sciences
Dept. of AccountingMSc. Accounting & Finance
b.Dept. of Public Admin.Master of Public Admin (MPA)
PGD Public Administration
c.Dept of Buss. AdminMaster of Buss. Admin
Executive Master of Buss. Administration
PGD in Management
8Faculty of Med. Lab. Sciences
MSc. Med. Lab Science
9.Faculty of Science
a.Dept. of MathematicsPh.D. Mathematics
Ph.D. Statistics
Ph.D. Computer Science
MSc. Mathematics
MSc. Statistics
MSc. Computer Science
Master of Information Tech (MIT)
PGD Statistics
PGD Computer Science
b.Dept. of BiochemistryPh.D. Biochemistry
M.Phil Biochemistry
MSc. Biochemistry
PGD Biochemistry
c.Dept. of PhysicsPh.D Physics
M.Phil Physics
MSc. Physics
d.Dept. of Biological Sciences
Botany UnitPh.D Botany
M.Phil Botany
MSc. Botany
Biology UnitPh. D. Biology
M.Phil Biology
MSc. Biology
PGD in Biological Sciences
Zoology UnitPh. D. Zoology
M. Phil Zoology
MSc. Zoology
e.Dept. of Pure & Applied ChemistryPh.D. Renewable Energy
Ph.D. Applied Chemistry
Ph.D. Pure Chemistry
Ph.D. Petroleum Chemistry
M.Phil Renewable Energy
M.Phil Petroleum Chemistry
MSc. Renewable Energy
MSc. Applied Chemistry
MSc. Pure Chemistry
MSc. Petroleum Chemistry
10.Faculty of Social Sciences
a.Dept. of SociologyPh.D. Sociology
M.Phil/Ph.D. Sociology
MSc. Sociology
Master of Social Policy (MSP)
b.Dept. of Political SciencePh.D. Political Science
M.Phil Political Science
MSc. Political Science
Masters in International Affairs & Diplomacy
Masters in Governance & Public Policy
c.Dept. of GeographyPh.D. Geography
M.Phil Geography
MSc. Geography
d.Dept. of EconomicsPh.D Economics
MSc. Economics
Masters in Banking & Finance
PGD in Banking & Finance
11.Faculty of Vet. Medicine
a.Dept. of Vet. AnatomyPh.D. Vet. Anatomy
MSc. Vet. Anatomy
b.Dept. of Vet Physio & BCHMSc. Vet. Physiology
c.Dept. of Pharm & ToxicologyPh.D. Vet. Pharmacology
MSc. Vet. Pharmacology
d.Dept. of Vet. MedicinePh.D. Vet. Medicine
MVM Vet. Medicine
e.Dept. of Vet. PathologyPh.D. Vet. Pathology
MSc. Vet. Pathology
f.Dept. of Theriogenology & Animal ProductionPh.D. Theriogenology
MSc. Theriogenology
MSc. Animal Production
g.Dept. of Surgery & Rad.Ph.D. Vet. Surgery & Radiography
MSc. Vet. Surgery & Radiography
h.Dept. of Vet. Pub Health & Preventive MedicinePh.D. Preventive Vet. Medicine
Ph.D. Vet. Public Health
i.Dept. of Vet. MicrobiologyPh.D. Vet. Microbiology
MSc. Vet. Microbiology
j.Dept. of Vet. ParasitologyPh.D. Vet. Parasitology
M.Phil Vet. Parasitology
MSc. Vet. Parasitology


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