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JAMB Profile Login: How To Fix Invalid Email Address And Password

A lot of candidates has been having issues while trying to login to they Profile on Jamb portal.
Today we are going to see some of the problems that will stop one from login in to his Profile and how we can successfully fix the problem.

How To Fix Incorrect Username And Password

Login in to Jamb profile requires the use of email address and a password.

If one is unable to successfully login to Jamb profile, it means that one of the login details is wrong or invalid, which may be the Email address or the password.

We are not going to waste any time on the issue of email address as it can easily be remembered during registration.

Let’s see how to fix Jamb Profile incorrect login details due to wrong login password.

This occurs when one tries to login with an Invalid password that is not recorded with the email address provided.
If you received an error while trying to login because you forgot your Password, we are going to show you how to Change your password and login successfully to your Jamb Profile.

How To change Jamb Profile Login Password

Jamb Profile Change Password

  • When next page opens, enter your Email Address and Date of Birth and click on “GET PASSWORD RESET LINK”
  • If you entered your details correctly, You will then see a message like the one in the picture below.

JAmb Profile Reset Password

  • Login to your email address which may either be a gmail or a yahoo mail.
  • You will see a message just like the one in the image below, click on “Reset my Password “.
  • Jamb Profile MessageA page with a “CREATE NEW PASSWORD ” will appear.

Jamb Profile New Password

  • Enter your new Password and click “Change Password “.
  • Congratulations  you have successfully changed your Jamb Profile password.
  • You can now proceed to login to your Jamb profile.

See how to login here.


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107 thoughts on “JAMB Profile Login: How To Fix Invalid Email Address And Password”

  1. Please each time I want to login the the Gmail I used in registering my jamb, it keeps telling me that my account is not recognized by gmail

  2. 404- file or directory not found. The resources you are looking for might have been removed, had it’s name changed or is temporarily unavailable. These what it showing me today when I try to login to my jamb portal, so pls does it mean that my portal has problem or is there problem with my email or jamb.

  3. Please each time I want to login the the Gmail I used in registering my jamb, it keeps telling me that my account is not recognized by gmail

  4. Bruh pls… My problem is my hotmail password. I’ve being trying to retrieve it buh ntin yet. Nd ah need to access ma admission status.

    Then again…. If i’m unable to accept ma admission on jamb portal, can ah do dah on abu’s portal when d list is out??

    Pls help moi

  5. Please, sir. Is there no other ways to accept the jamb admission? It keep showing invalid email and password. I’ve tried recovering my password serval time but they keep telling me a code has been sent to my mail. I didn’t receive any mail of such because my mail is active. I need your help before on the 16th. Thanks sir.

  6. I changed my password and it was successfull but when i try logging in it still shows invalid address or incorrect password

  7. I tried to click on the reset password icon and it only showed me that a message has been sent to my email but I didn’t get any message on my email, I’ve tried it about a dozen times now and still no message came into my email from jamb. What can I do??

  8. I tried to log on d portal it said invalid credentials,I tried to change d password,it was successful nw still can’t login,pls nid help

  9. Good evening sir, after I created e-facility in jamb and remember my login details it shows invalid and I click on forgotten password and I fill in the email I used during registration and it shows me the email address can’t find on their database

  10. pls help me I have secured my email but when I try to reset my password, but they will send me a link in my email in order to reset password but the link is not showing in my email.

      • Hello Sir,Am trying to logic in may jamb password and username but it shows invalid Password. So i clicked on forgotten password, and it shows that a link has been sent to the mail i used in registering jamb. i have open the e-mail and there is nothing related to link resent. Also i have check the spam,All mail. trash, and inbox folder yet nothing like that sir.

  11. Good morning, pls I used the email i used 2017 to register for 2018, I was able to print my 2018 result, pls do I still need to change the email??
    One more thing is that it’s not showing 2018 data.


  13. pls is there no other way to do change of course, cos I cannot login to my profile and the password reset link was not sent to my email

  14. pls is there no other way to do change of course, cos I cannot login to my profile and the password reset like was not sent to my email

  15. my jamb profile is not coming up at all
    as in after trying to reset the password, a message came saying invalid documents..
    what’s this shit for God sake!!!

  16. Please sir during my registration they mistyped my Gmail and it went to another person gmail now I can’t access it because I don’t have the password and I don’t know the person date of birth have been trying to write the person but no reply
    Please am really confused don’t know what to do please help me out
    If there’s anyway I can fix in another gmail please I need your help

  17. Please i used the same email last year and this year… But it’s only showing data for last year(2017) and not 2018.please what should I do?

  18. pls I can’t remember my email ND password ND Av been given admission through direct entry but I can’t accept d admission due to d fact dat I can’t login cause I can remember both the email ND password

  19. i have problem with my jamb portal profile (login problem) then i click on reset password, and i put all the required question and it is telling me “Invalid Credential Validation. Try again with valid details



  20. Pls i try to log into my jamb portal and i create a new one for admissmion registration now the janb portal open how can i let the admission and payment profile go to my jamb profile pls help me o

  21. pls i need help, since last week i’ve been trying to log in to my jamb profile but couldn’t, after i’ve open and it showws me profile has been successifully created but i cannot login, it shows ivalid email or password, pls what do i do? i need help, because i want to register, an its almost registration, closing date,pls i want to register help me with immediate effect

  22. I register for direct entry in 2017 and I’m be checking my status in jamb site without any problem but now to have access again has become more problem; wen i type my correct email address and password it show email or password invalid and try to reset it the say that my email is not recognise but outside jamb site it open normal without any problem. Pls sir what should i do.

  23. i registered for jamb with my email account in 2017 and used the same email account to register for 2018 jamb, now i cant login to my 2017 jamb account

  24. pls help me o….anytime I try to log in to my caps it will be showing invalid password or email…. and I tried changing d password it will be showing invalid email or record does nt exist…… and I am typing the correct gmail…..I use to log in to my gmail account always…

  25. I forgot my jamb email and password please what should I do
    Jamb registered number is 16113965JC
    DOB is 26/04/1994
    Phone number is 08138670696

  26. I have been trying to reset my password on jamb e-facility, but everytime i enter my email and date of birth i keep getting the message “invalid Credential Validation. Try again with valid details”
    And my details are correct.

  27. Good day,
    Anytime i try to log in to my Jamb profile it will redirect back to the log in page. I have tried countless times nothing happened. I have changed password still nothing. I tried this thing last year as I was trying to print my admission letter yet it still did not work. Now I am trying it this year again, its still not working. I am really fed up. My log in details are correct, i even change password yet it will re-direct me back to the log in page.

  28. pls i have tried the reset password countless amount of times and havebeen checking my email(yahoo mail) and have not still seen it, i am fed up


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