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Three Best Paraphrasing Tools for College Students for Writing a Thesis

A great thesis is considered one that contains entirely unique ideas and well-researched and novel material. When it comes to writing a thesis or assignment, most students feel threatened by plagiarism.

Since a thesis contains some of the existing information as the basis of the research and thus there is bound to be some overlapping of concepts which leads to plagiarism.

In order to avoid this, you need to paraphrase a lot while writing a thesis. There are several paraphrasing tools available online that can help you write your thesis that contains unique words and phrases and has zero plagiarism and that is what this article is all about.

Here are the three best paraphrasing tools that you can use for writing a great thesis:


Paraphrasingtool.ai is among the top paraphrasing tools for a number of reasons. It is equally effective for paraphrasing, removing sentence disagreements, and identifying and eliminating plagiarism.

There is a grammar checker included that makes sure your thesis is free from spelling and grammar mistakes. This tool can improve the quality of your text and generate near-human readability in your content which makes it more engaging.

You can use this tool for creative writing when you are out of ideas or feel stuck in the same place. With the help of this paraphrasing tool, you can get rid of unnecessary words and sentences that contribute little to the central idea. This makes your content more concise and simpler.

Apart from paraphrasing, this tool also offers a text summarizer and a citations generator. These useful features also reduce plagiarism from your thesis.

This tool supports a vast range of languages from various regions of the world which is quite impressive. With this great tool, you can easily convert about 1000 words at the same time which makes it less time-consuming than most free paraphrasing tools.


Best Features

  • Includes a Free AI content generator
  • Can change the tone and style of your text
  • Can help remove grammatical errors
  • Creates multiple versions of the same text
  • Can summarize your content with high accuracy


This is another exciting paraphrase tool that can help you rewrite articles, college essays, assignments, and plagiarism-free thesis. With a simple and interactive layout, easy and fast process, and accurate paraphrasing, this tool is sure to give you the best experience.

This tool makes sure to identify various aspects of your text such as repetition, redundancies, etc. to give you the best information.  With the help of this free tool, you can rephrase hundreds of words and phrases while keeping the overall structure of the material consistent.

The best thing about this tool is its amazing rephrasing speed. You can instantly convert your old essays and material into a new and plagiarism-free version in a matter of just a few minutes.

Using this tool, you can edit or modify your research articles, essays, and thesis in no time. Apart from academics, you can also use the same tool for writing blog posts, affiliate articles, and other SEO-friendly content.

So, use rephraser to come up with completely unique material that contains zero repetition or grammatical errors.

Best Features

  • Easy and fast text paraphrasing
  • It can paraphrase the content in multiple languages
  • A complete guide is available on how to use the tool on the site
  • Can help you find and remove plagiarism
  • No email, login, or subscription is required   


This rephrase tool is the most effective when it comes to writing a plagiarism-free thesis. It is best in terms of accuracy, usability, processing speed, and security.

This great tool generates near-human scale text that contains high readability. It is very hard to tell whether the generated content is written by an AI or a real human being.

This tool has a very simple yet effective user interface and anyone with just a little knowledge of computers can use it to write content with minimum to no plagiarism.

You can use this tool on separate lines or the whole article at once and it will convert your material without deviating from the central idea even a little bit.

This tool produces highly accurate results by removing duplicate words and sentences, replacing words with adequate synonyms, and paraphrasing the entire thing without any spelling mistakes.

No matter what language you want to rephrase with this tool, it will give you the best output keeping in mind the rules of the grammar.

Best Features

  • Shows original and paraphrased text side by side 
  • Doesn’t pose any security risk
  • No need to pay any subscription to use this service
  • Equally effective for academic and non-academic text
  • Can paraphrase in German, Turkish, Indonesian, French, English, etc.

Final Thoughts

So, these are all some of the best paraphrasing tools that you can use for free to write an amazing, plagiarism-free thesis. Most academic professionals adore these tools for their accuracy and attention to detail.

These easy, simple, and effective tools will save a lot of your time while you work hard on your research for the thesis. They will help you learn new vocabulary and see different ways to describe a certain phenomenon or a finding.

We really hope you have found this article useful, and we urge you once again to use these tools for writing your thesis and other academic material for the best results.


Benjamin Anyigor also popularly called BEN10 is a Blogger, Tech Lover, SEO Expert, Programmer (Kinda Part-Time) and the Founder and editor of IsMySchool. You can connect with him on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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