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10 Best Sweden Universities for International Students

Best Sweden Universities for International Students have been listed out on this page to help you on the right selection of school as a foreign student.

If you are among those intending to attend school in Sweden? What is required of you is to think carefully, creatively, and effectively when once you begin your study in Sweden.

The good side of it is that, Sweden is home to thousands of universities that can provide the greatest undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs to help students from around the world expand their knowledge.

If you’ve been wondering and searching for some of the top institutions in Sweden to attend and study your dream course or program, this list will definitely be of assistance. Check out our comprehensive list to learn more about Sweden’s top universities.

10 Best Sweden Universities for International Students

10 Best Sweden Universities for International Students

Sweden is a nation with a sizable number of highly recognized universities. The World Economic Forum has ranked the nation as having the top educational system in the world.

Sweden has a number of universities that provide courses to foreign students who want to study there.

The most sought-after Swedish universities for international students are listed below.

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1. Karolinska Institute

On the foundation of the medical school at the Royal Caroline Institute, Stockholm, Sweden’s Karolinska Institute is a public research university that was established in 1810.

The Karolinska Institute offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree-granting programs in the social and scientific sciences.

There are degree programs that allow students to work full- or part-time jobs at businesses or other organizations involved in industry or commerce in addition to these traditional degree programs.

Tuition & Fees: 45,000 SEK

2. Uppsala University

Uppsala University has been known to be among the recognized universities in Sweden. It is one of the oldest colleges in Europe and dates back to 1477. There are roughly 40,000 students enrolled at the university overall, of whom about 3000 are international students from 120 different nations.

Nearly all of the university’s major academic disciplines, including law, the natural sciences, engineering and technology, medicine and health sciences, and social sciences, are available as degrees.

Aside from that, the university has numerous relationships with other countries’ universities all over the world for collaborative research initiatives and student study abroad programs. Among these are agreements with Duke University, Yale University, and Harvard University.

Tuition & Fees: Varies between SEK 50,000 and SEK 72,500 per semester

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3. Lund University

One of Sweden’s top universities for foreign students is Lund University. In reality, with more than 50,000 students and 7,000 staff members, it is the second-largest university in Scandinavia.

The institution was founded in 1666 as a theological seminary but currently provides courses in a range of subject areas, including the social sciences, technology, and science.

For international students from other countries of the world, Lund University offers first-rate amenities like housing, computer labs, and language instruction.

Not only that, but the university also provides a number of scholarships, including ones for doctorate candidates and those studying humanities courses for international students.

Tuition & Fees: 435,900 SEK

4. Stockholm University

Another of Sweden’s top universities is Stockholm University. This university is one of Sweden’s biggest universities with about 45,000 students and has an excellent reputation for academic excellence.

The university grants degrees in a wide range of subject areas, including engineering, law, and medicine.

But then, it offers a number of international programs, such as an English-taught MBA in International Business Administration that is co-taught with a prestigious US business school.

International students are welcome at Stockholm University, which also provides them with a variety of financial aid options and scholarships.

Tuition & Fees: 90 000 SEK / year

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5. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology is one of Sweden’s top universities for foreign students because of its high standards, first-rate amenities, and location in the nation’s capital, Stockholm.

The institution was established in 1827 as the first polytechnic institute in the world, and since then, Nobel Prize winners and other prominent graduates, like Raoul Wallenberg, have attended.

The institution offers degree programs in six faculties: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial economics, civil engineering, and architecture. Moreover, it provides undergraduate programs in English in a few places in Sweden.

Tuition & Fees: £14,355- £24,255

6. University of Gothenburg

One of the oldest universities in Scandinavia is the University of Gothenburg, which is also considered to be among the best new institutions in the world. It was established in 1891 and is called the University of Gothenburg. It is situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. The institution offers studies in science, technology, and medicine, and as of 2013 has more than 42,000 students.

The university is divided into nine schools:

  1. School of Technology and Health Sciences,
  2. School of Science,
  3. School of Social Sciences, School of Economics,
  4. Law and Library Science,
  5. School of Fine Arts,
  6. Communication and Culture,
  7. School of Humanities and Education,
  8. School of Food Science, and
  9. Scania University Hospital.

This prepares doctors for clinical practice at all levels. The institution also provides courses conducted by visiting lecturers who come from all over globe.

Tuition & Fees: 136900 SEK

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7. Chalmers University of Technology

One of Sweden’s top universities for overseas students is Chalmers University of Technology. The institution provides more than 200 master’s programs, as well as postgraduate courses, PhDs, and research internships, and it has a great reputation in engineering and technology.

King Gustav IV Adolf established Chalmers in 1829 to establish a center of study in the nation’s economic hub: Gothenburg.

With 28,000 students, 11% of whom are from outside Europe, and six faculties—Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geoscience, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Control, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Industrial Economics and Management, Chemical Engineering and Environmental Science—it has developed into one of Europe’s largest technical universities.

Tuition & Fees: SEK 95 000 per semester

8. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

This public university Swedish called the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) was founded in 1953. With about 40,000 students and 3,600 employees, it is one of Sweden’s biggest institutions. Rebro and Alnarp are the two campuses of the institution.

The internationally recognized Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences offers interdisciplinary education through research-based instruction. SLU attracts students from all over the world because it provides a top-notch education at reasonable prices with a first-rate system of student assistance.

The institution offers degrees at all levels including undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs.

Agriculture sciences, environmental science, forestry science, natural resource management, food science and technology, and landscape ecology are only a few of the subjects covered in the curriculum.

Tuition & Fees: SEK 900 (approximately EUR 100)

9. Umeå University

One of Sweden’s top universities for overseas students is Ume University. It offers a wide variety of study programs, high-quality education, and effective research and innovation.

The institution has a long history in the study of languages, human geography, and social sciences. It has roughly 30 research centers and more than 40 departments. The university provides more than 120 master’s degree programs in addition to more than 80 bachelor’s degree programs.

The university has numerous exchange relationships with other country universities globally. The International Office organizes exchange trips for both incoming and departing students so they can complete their degree programs in Sweden while studying at partner universities overseas.

Tuition & Fees: SEK 90,000 to SEK 140,000 per year

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10. Linköping University

One of the best universities in Sweden is the Linköping University and it is consistently ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide.

The Medical School of stergötland and Linköping University College merged to become the university, which was established in 1975. More than 50 departments from six faculties—engineering, science, health (including medicine), humanities, social sciences, education, and theology—now make up the university.

In addition to a large range of undergraduate degrees, Linköping University also grants postgraduate degrees at the Masters and PhD levels in fields like engineering, the natural sciences, the social sciences, and medicine.

Tuition & Fees: Between SEK 80,000 and SEK 136,000

The 10 Best Sweden Universities for International Students are listed above.

If you’re considering coming to Sweden for your education, this list has given you some useful tips regarding where to study.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the space provided below.

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