Am I going to re-write JAMB exam if the 2020 results are cancelled? Are we going to write JAMB 2020 exam again? Is JAMB going to remark 2020 results? If you are concerned about any of the questions above as regards to writing JAMB 2020 exam if the results are cancelled, then calm down and relax your mind.


In this article, I will be providing answers to all your re-writing JAMB again related questions. But before then, let us discuss why some persons ask such questions.

Rumours has been circulating lately as to whether JAMB 2020 results has been cancelled. If you have not gotten the correct answer to that one, See the answer to Is It True That JAMB 2020 Results Are Fake And Has Been Cancelled? Here.

It is also important to note that some persons and centres re-wrote JAMB examination last year. So re-writing JAMB is not entirely a new concept; it has been in existence for a while now.

Because of the JAMB result cancellation drama, lots of persons are now worried and scared as to whether they are going to write JAMB again. This is especially true of those who checked their JAMB result and found out that they scored high or probably passed they school of choice cut off mark requirements.

Whereas those who performed poorly are praying and hoping that the results be cancelled, remarked or probably re-writing so they can have a chance of stepping up their game.

The truth is: Even if JAMB 2020 results are cancelled, and there is need for re-writing the exam; it’s not everyone that will be affected by such.

Those that did not engage in any form of examination malpractice will not be affected in any way.

So as a summary:

1. Are you going to write JAMB again if the JAMB results are cancelled? The answer is a YES and a NO.

The YES part is for those who engaged in examination malpractice while the NO part is for those who are free from any form of examination malpractice.

2. Is JAMB going to remark 2020 result/exam? Once again, the principle above still applies. If there is a need for remarking, Only those who have questionable result will be affected.

However, The JAMB score (JAMB result) of those who did not engage in any examination misconduct will not change. It will remain the same even after the results are released again.

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