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Most Reliable Platforms To Avail Online Courses

These days online courses are considered the best medium to develop new skills from the comfort of your home in a brief time. Compared to the traditional classes, these are inexpensive, flexible, and highly convenient.

This guide will discuss some of the top platforms where you can find some of the top courses. There is a vast diversity in the topics that these classes cover.

So, you can find everything from photography to business, marketing, coding, graphic design, digital marketing, personal development, and more. Our list only includes reliable platforms that offer courses drafted and compiled by accredited academics and universities. You can find both free and paid sessions.

While most free ones do not have a certification, you can still find some of the best free online courses with certificates. Regardless, these classes can help you acquire a deeper insight into newer skills, build a new skill, learn a new discipline, or start a hobby.

So, now let us address the most reliable platforms that list the best courses online.



It is one of the earliest MOOCs that made learning accessible and easy. Udemy has more than 40 million students who avail of their courses. They also have a vast instructor base comprising over 65000 educatory, and you can find free and paid courses on Udemy.

The paid ones start from $9 and go upwards to $200. They have an extensive library comprising over 150000 classes. The variety in choice makes it the best online provider for content. 

With Udemy, you can find sessions on any discipline and field imaginable, from clowning to hand weaving, painting, photography, marketing, and business. The primary aim of Udemy is to democratize and disrupt the current education system. You can find courses for all skill-level and experiences – beginner, intermediate, and advanced in several languages. 

One significant low with Udemy is that you do not receive a free trial. But fortunately, they have a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you do not like what you learn, you can request a refund. Also, they do not have an unlimited subscription plan.

Thus, whichever course you like, you must buy them separately. But, their online learning classes come cheap. Also, Udemy is not an accredited learning platform, but you will receive a certification for completing the course.

Every course has video lessons, practice tests, quizzes, coding exercises, and assignments. On TangoLearn, you can find some of the best Udemy offerings for selection.



Skillshare has a vast catalogue of courses. On the platform, you can find more than 35000 learning videos spread across thrive, build, and create perspectives. The availability of several course options makes Skillshare one of the most popular learning media. 

Skillshare has courses in multiple disciplines like photography, digital marketing, painting, voice-over training, web design, UX design, and instructional design, among other things. You can use their free one-month trial to explore their different course offerings. You can opt for the paid version if you like what they offer. 



If you wish to take college-like courses at only a fraction of the cost, Coursera can be your go-to platform. Coursera has partnered with more than two hundred companies and universities to provide you with an enriching learning experience and guarantee top-notch benefits. 

Some of Coursera’s learning modules let you earn degrees or certifications entirely via Coursera. It can bring in several professional perks like promotions, raises, etc. However, even if you do not want a professional hike, you can still consider learning with Coursera, given its variety of interesting and challenging topics. With their straightforward learning experience, you can explore disciplines you did not know you were interested in.   

Coursera has engaging multimedia courses. It lets the professors develop the classes, grade quizzes, assign and check homework assignments, and upload sessions. Further, time and again, the experts try to include new attributes to make these classes feel as classroom-like as possible. 

If you wish to learn with Coursera, you pay for individual classes. Their sessions start from $30-40. But, some degree programs or specialization courses can be availed as a bundle at a discounted price. You can also buy Coursera Plus, which provides unlimited access to more than 3000 Coursera courses for an annual cost of only $399.

So, if you want a college-like experience without going to college, Coursera should be your chosen platform.


LinkedIn Learning

Formerly known as Lynda.com, LinkedIn Learning is another popular educational platform offering classes in technology, business, and creative fields. This platform is a premium service for LinkedIn users. On LinkedIn Learning, you can find more than 16000 courses in seven languages. The classes equip the individuals with all the necessary knowledge to invest in their careers. Students, professionals, and businesses hoping to train their employees can benefit from the sessions on LinkedIn Learning. 

The LinkedIn Learning classes can benefit more than just individual learners. So, government organizations, universities, and business teams can employ the platform for training and educational proposes. You can choose from their two subscription plans:

  1. Annual plan with a free monthly trial, followed by a €29.49/month fee.
  2. Monthly plan with a free monthly trial, followed by a €39.33/month fee.



Are you into pop culture? If yes, you will love learning with MasterClass. They have courses covering different industries like sports, creative writing, acting, and more. Experts and celebrities take these classes, and it is a fun and engaging platform, full of the most straightforward and informative courses. Some disciplines that MasterClass covers are writing, music, business, Arts & Entertainment, Design & Style, Sports & Gaming, Food, Science & Tech, and more. You can buy their membership at only $15 per month if billed annually.

However, they do not provide a free trial. But, to cover up for this, you get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Overall, it is an incredibly engaging and user-friendly platform that lets you enjoy its classes online and offline. 

So, these are the top five platforms for finding the best online courses. Most of these are well-rounded mediums that provide classes in all disciplines.

So, go ahead, take your pick, and enjoy learning online.


Benjamin Anyigor also popularly called BEN10 is a Blogger, Tech Lover, SEO Expert, Programmer (Kinda Part-Time) and the Founder and editor of IsMySchool. You can connect with him on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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