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Top 10 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria [2018]

The society is evolving, important courses are changing everyday therefore you have to adapt as well

You don’t want to waste your time studying a course you can barely work with. For some very good courses, jobs are very scarce.

For other courses, your pay as a graduate is very small for most Employers of labour.

A good course is one which you could study and be respected in the society, earn a good living off it or even easily start up a very lucrative business or consultancy firm off what you have learnt.

Best courses

Top 10 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria [2018]

1. Medicine and Surgery

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most lucrative courses for you to study in Nigeria.

As a Medical Doctor, your importance in the society  can never be overemphasized.

People would always be sick and the society would always require your services.

A a Medical Doctor,  your average Salary is about NGN200,000.

Although, as a Medical Doctor you don’t get paid the highest amount as salary, yoir job demand and security is reasonably high.

2. IT & Programming

This sector is quite recent yet it is booming at a very fast rate.

A degree in Information Technology related courses is much valuable now than some years ago.

The world is going digital and Nigeria is a big part of this.

Hence the demand for more skills hands in the IT industry.

IT related courses you could study include : Computer Science, Front end Web development, Android development,  General Application an Web design.

The demand for these skills is rising on a daily basis.

Although very few Universities Offer courses in IT apart from Computer Science, you could learn these on your own or through online channels like and you’ll definitely find it helpful in time to come.

3. Engineering

This hot cake course for a very long time has retained her relevance in the society.

It is a very wide field of study.

Branches of Engineering include:

  • Mechanical,
  • Civil,
  • Electrical/ Electronic,
  • Petroleum,
  • Production,
  • Structural,
  • Chemical,
  • Biomedical,
  • Mechatronics

Engineers would always be relevant in the society. There would always be technical problems to be solved and your services as an engineer would always be required.

Depending on the field of engineering, your basic salary as an Engineer is between 100,000 to 900,000 Naira.

4. Pharmacy

As most of you already know,  the importance of a Pharmacist in the society would only increase.

Drugs for new illnesses are brought produced continuously and recommendation for these drugs must be taken from Pharmacists.

The pay is quite encouraging and one could start up a business with average capital using acquired knowledge.

As a Pharmacist,  with enough resources,  you can also go into manufacture of drugs and this is quite lucrative.

5. Law

Law is another prestigious course you could study as an art student.

Lawyers in the society are respected and would always be important.

However the population of lawyers is quite high and the sector is very competitive.

6. Accounting

As an accountant, you can work virtually anywhere.

Every company or Establishment needs your services as an accountant.

You would always be relevant in the society.

All you need is to be grounded in the course. Know your job very well and you’re good to go!

7.Nursing and Laboratory Sciences

Nursing is a marketable course any day. As a nursing graduate, your possibilities are simply limitless.

You can work both in Nigeria and other countries of the world.

Your skills as a nurse would always be valuable.

The same thing applies to laboratory scientist. As a fresh graduate of nursing, you may not earn much, but your pay increases if you go for further professional courses, like post-basic training in surgery, midwifery and the likes.


Marketing degree is one of the most marketable in Nigeria of today.

A marketer is needed by virtually every business organization.

Marketing is not what just anyone can do; it is a professional filed and this is why any business organizations fighting competition will employ a good marketer.

You can equally go into private practice and he/she will be able to thrive in business than others who do not have the skills he/she had been given in the universities. You can as well go into consultancy.


9.Mass Communication

This is yet another very marketable course you can consider if you are an Arts student in secondary school.

It is not offered by many Nigerian universities since not all of them have the facilities to offer this course.

You can work in a TV station or radio station. He/she can also work in a newspaper industry.

He can be employed by government and he can as well go into self employment and become a freelance journalist.

As a mass communication graduate, you can equally work at the embassy.

10. Agricultural Science

This sector is gradually getting more attention in Nigeria.

As an Agricultural Scientist,  you could obtain fundings for a start-up and start using your agricultural skills to build a business.

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