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10 Best colleges for food in the US

Our list of best colleges for food in the US will help both local students and international students with the schools that offer various foods based on your interest and taste. 

Gone are the days when college food was considered unappetizing and bland (at least for most colleges).

As we step into 2023, cardboard burgers, soggy fries, and tasteless salads are a thing of the past.

Even though some strange foods might find their way into campus meals, certain colleges are changing the perception of what dining hall food should be. Three-day-old dinner rolls, move over!

It can be unexpected to learn that the colleges that serve the most exceptional food are not necessarily the ones that focus on culinary arts.

Instead, these five institutions have achieved culinary excellence by utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients, creating inventive menus, and taking feedback from their students.

Students who have experienced the meals rate them highly, with many considering them restaurant-quality.

College food has come a long way in recent years, and the days of unappetizing meals and uninspiring menus are behind us.

What’s surprising is that the colleges that have made the biggest strides in the food department aren’t necessarily the ones you’d expect.

These five institutions have managed to create culinary masterpieces by utilizing farm-fresh ingredients, creating unique and innovative menus, and taking feedback from their students.

The result? Meals that are so delicious, many students consider them to be on par with restaurant-quality cuisine.

It just goes to show that with a little creativity and student input, even campus dining can be a gastronomic adventure.

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10 Best colleges for food in the US

The below article will provide you with details about the best colleges for food in the US.

10 Best colleges for food in the US

1. Florida State University

With more than 20 dining halls available on campus, Florida State University is renowned for its diverse range of food options.

The Fresh Food Company and Suwannee Room provide students with online menus to monitor their daily food intake.

Salad Creations at the university offers students a healthy option where they can create customized salads to go.

2. Columbia University

Throughout the academic term, Columbia University organizes enjoyable events with delectable food offerings such as the Wild, Wild West-themed entrees, and National Pancake Day with scrumptious toppings.

Over half of the food served at Columbia is sourced locally, and the university is open to this information.

Interested students can access this information on the website to learn more about the origins of their meals.

3. Oregon State University

By providing online menus that allow students to track their nutritional intake and offering meals that accommodate halal, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian diets, Oregon State University has prioritized the health and dietary needs of its students.

The university’s dining rooms have become a hub of activity, offering some of the most exceptional food options among colleges in America.

One thing i like about Oregon State University, students are encouraged to prioritize water as their preferred beverage choice due to its health benefits and environmental sustainability.

The university also ensures that the meat it serves in the dining halls is sourced locally.

The university does not encourage food waste so they have put in a measure to control it.

4. University of California: Berkeley

UC Berkeley is one of the top colleges with regard to food options. The university’s dining service regularly hosts events for holidays and non-holiday celebrations, including a pajama party and Hawaiian Luau.

UC Berkeley’s Brown dining hall prioritizes locally sourced food items in its menu.

The dining hall promotes a “less meat, better meat” philosophy, encouraging students to opt for vegetarian options and view meat as a supplementary side dish.

5. University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame organizes events such as the Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Feast, featuring Cajun-style cuisine and desserts.

Over 25% of the produce used in Notre Dame’s dining facilities is procured locally, and the university employs energy-efficient appliances to conserve energy.

Food scraps are utilized as animal feed on a nearby farm. Students with hectic schedules have various options to grab a quick meal on campus.

Conclusively, Notre Dame offers a range of sustainable food options and dining facilities.

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6. University of Montana

The University of Montana has earned a spot among the top food colleges, and its farmers’ market is just one reason why.

The university’s farmers’ market operates year-round, providing students access to fresh, locally grown produce on a weekly basis during the academic year.

The Food Zoo Dining hall at UM offers an online menu that includes nutrition details as well as icons for allergens and dietary restrictions.

7. Ball State University

At Ball State University, there are 14 distinct dining venues that offer a diverse range of meals to students both the students within the states and international student.

With options such as custom-made salads, Asian-inspired dishes, pizzas, and deli sandwiches, there is something for everyone.

But then, all of the meals served in these dining locations are prepared by professionally trained chefs, ensuring that they are not only tasty but also of high quality.

8. Rice University

Rice University is considered one of the best colleges for food, thanks to its commitment to healthy and sustainable dining options.

The dining facilities at Rice University prepare most of their food from scratch, with a focus on vegan and vegetarian options available at every meal.

In order to minimize food waste and conserve water, Rice has implemented trayless dining.

All meals served at Rice are free of trans-fats. To promote student wellness, the university also offers nutrition counseling and wellness classes.

9. University of Delaware

The University of Delaware has a reputation for providing not only delicious food but also healthy options.

The Pencader and Russell dining halls offer a variety of dishes, ranging from chicken parmesan pizza to fresh collard greens and Thai seafood salad wraps.

The university sources produce locally to incorporate into its meals and strives for sustainability by recycling and reusing materials.

Aside from that, environmentally friendly cleaning products are used to clean the dining halls.

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10. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a great option for students who prioritize good food. Around 35-40% of the purchases made by the university’s dining centers are sourced locally or from businesses owned by minorities or women.

This college ensures that they are environmentally conscious by using cage-free eggs, fair trade coffee, and converting fryer waste to biofuel.

Aside from that, many of the materials used for dining can be recycled or composted.

Know this, all students who eat at the Arley D. Cathey or Bartlett dining facilities can find various options including extensive salad bars and meals that are gluten-free, kosher, or halal.

Since college students eat most of their meals on campus, it’s important to consider the quality and diversity of food options, as well as their nutritional value and ability to accommodate various dietary needs and restrictions.

So that has been the 10 best colleges for food in the US for you.

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