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8 Common Mistakes In Term Papers

Writing a term paper is something every student has to deal with in the course of their studies. If you don’t avoid basic mistakes at the stage of coursework writing, you will have a hard time later, especially if there are plans to continue postgraduate studies and teaching. Of course, the degree of complexity of the term paper is not comparable to a diploma or master’s, let alone a Ph.D., but it is also a written research paper and acts as a kind of preparation for them.

In our article, we will try to understand and consider mistakes that, according to the “write my research paper for me” service WritingAPaper, are most often made by students when writing a term paper.


Mistake #1. The wrong topic selected

You’d think, how could it be? It could. When choosing a topic, the student has two ways:

  • Choose one of the options offered by the department;
  • Propose their own topic of coursework.

In each of these cases, it is possible to make a mistake. In the first option, you should understand that departments review the topics of term papers not every year, and it really can be that the subject on the list is outdated and irrelevant. That’s why running your eyes over the list should be careful.

In the second, you can also not understand everything and choose a topic that is not worth it. The chosen topic must be relevant, understandable, and interesting for the student (no matter how relevant it is not to write, it will be difficult if your heart is not in it). When justifying its relevance, it is better to emphasize the importance in today’s world of those aspects that are debatable and little studied – a tip for even those cases if you have no luck with the topic.

If at an early stage, it becomes clear that the topic does not add up at all, it is worth contacting the supervisor. In some universities, it is allowed to change the topic of the term paper.


Mistake #2. A mismatch between references and actual literature sources

Most often, this is where you want to save time and effort, to arrange references in a chaotic order, or maybe even a little cheat by putting in an extra couple of items at the end of the work. This is a violation of generally accepted rules for citing and a direct path to accusing a student of plagiarism or criticizing their work in general.

Of course, firstly, you should not cheat, and secondly, the sources can be designed quite quickly and simply, and so on. To begin with, you should read the methodological recommendations, and if there are no restrictions on them, then for convenience, you can use:

  • page footnotes;
  • arrange the literature in order of citation and not in alphabetical order;
  • link citations with the list of references, and do not worry that everything “creeps away” at the slightest edit.


Mistake #3. Plagiarism

Knowing that today any information can be found on the Internet, students procrastinate until the last minute to write a paper. And in the last few days, they download data from various sites, not even checking the relevance and truthfulness of the information. It goes without saying that when writing a paper, it is necessary to use other people’s scientific work, but only as a basis for forming their conclusions and judgments. Using someone else’s quotes without citing the source is called plagiarism. It is not allowed to simply appropriate other people’s thoughts or unique text by using synonymizers and other programs.

A special Anti-Plagiarism system checks all works on a mandatory basis, so do not hope for a “carry through.” No, it won’t, but it will do a lot of damage to your reputation. If you are unsure about the uniqueness of your term paper, you can refer to the best writing services that will take care of it for you.


Mistake #4. A disproportionate volume of sections of work

It is considered most optimal to write a theoretical and practical part of the work in the proportions of 50/50. The practical contribution of the term paper is, in truth, minor, but it should not be demonstrated. The theory on 20 pages and a couple of sheets of practice, and if it is not entirely on the topic, is a direct path to the lack of admission to the defense. It also catches the eye and instantly reveals the discrepancy between theory and practice. The theory should disclose the topic and reason and “justify” the practical research. In the theoretical part, the student explains what they see as the essence of the problem and the need to study it. And thus, the practical part follows the theoretical one. To avoid this, it is best to think of a plan and model the results.


Mistake #5. Neglecting the standards of work design

Scientific work should be designed according to strict requirements and under the methodological recommendations of a particular department. Immediately familiarizing yourself with them is desirable, so you do not have to correct them. It usually takes more time to make corrections than to do everything correctly in the first place. Here we are talking about both the way the sources are designed and the rules themselves, as well as the font, indentation, etc.


Mistake #6. Neglecting the plan of the research paper

Plan – a kind of framework for the work. Without it, even the most original and exciting research will turn into a set of chaotic information that will not be correctly and logically perceived. A correct and clear plan will not only help the student to position themselves well but also help them not to stray from the topic when presenting the material.


Mistake #7. Using outdated literature

Scientific literature tends to become outdated. The sources used to write the work should be current (if possible, not older than 3-5 years). What is the point of doing what has already been reflected hundreds of times in other scientists’ works?


Mistake #8. Making grammatical mistakes

Yes, that’s precisely the kind of errors students make in today’s world. Correcting and editing information, they distort word endings, change spaces, delete the correct commas, and don’t put them in the right place. Also, such mistakes occur when a student is distracted by something and pauses writing. Before printing out the work or sending it for verification, you should check the work yourself, as well as with the help of various online services for checking grammar.

So, make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes, and your term paper will definitely pass.


Benjamin Anyigor also popularly called BEN10 is a Blogger, Tech Lover, SEO Expert, Programmer (Kinda Part-Time) and the Founder and editor of IsMySchool. You can connect with him on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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