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5 Ways to Make Yourself Study if You’re Too Lazy

What to do if inspiration is an infrequent guest, but you still need to study? In this section, we have gathered for you the most effective recommendations and ways to make the learning process easier.


Check your goals and desires

The first thing you should start moving toward learning (as well as in any other direction in life), is to ask yourself questions about your desires. For example: “Am I doing what I want to do?”. You’d be surprised how short and not tortuous the path can be if you figure out your real desires in time.

If you are studying at university, think about it, you chose this specialty by choice or your goal was to please your parents. If the second, then perhaps you should look for a less energy-consuming way to express love and gratitude, rather than live out someone else’s scenarios.

If you have already outgrown the age of college and are self-taught on some online course, the task is the same: ask yourself what it’s all for. Some people need the crust to advance their careers, while others need a diploma to help them change their careers completely. Keep the main goal in front of you, it will be buried in the key to motivation.

Some coaches advise listing on paper missing benefits. Think about what exactly you’re missing out on if you drop out.


Looking for support

Studying with someone is not only more fun but also more productive. Researchers at Stanford University concluded that students who did not work alone studied much harder and did not give up longer.

At school or another institution, classmates act as extra motivation because you can always discuss things you don’t understand with them, it’s easier to keep track of deadlines and share progress.

Online courses most often have student chat rooms, where you can discuss assignments with other students. Don’t neglect this opportunity, communicate and motivate each other. If in this case you still have problems with learning, we advise you to contact write my essay service.


Joining Time Management

Remember why we procrastinate? Because we always strive to do something quick and easy. No one gets excited at the thought of long hours of lectures and assignments ahead. But if you break the whole process into small steps and short time intervals, it seems quite feasible.

To study well and do your assignments well, try the Pomodoro method. Set a timer for 25 minutes and fully concentrate on studying during this time. Then take a 5-minute break with a change of activity. For example, you can squat, do the dishes, watch funny videos on social media, or just lie down. Then you measure another 25 minutes and take up your task again, then take another 5-minute break.

After 2 hours of this mode (you get 4 rounds of “study – break”) arrange a longer rest of 15-20 minutes.

Many of us have experienced a situation where the constant procrastination for tomorrow leads to the fact that the task is the last day. On this subject, even derived a whole law – the law of Parkinson’s. It says that work fills the time allotted to it. In other words, if you have a month before the exam, it takes you a month to prepare. And it does not matter that in reality you will prepare for a couple of days, and the rest of the time will drain on procrastination.

This problem can be solved with discipline and planning. Hang a calendar in front of you and make a decision to allocate one hour daily for preparation or training (you can take another comfortable time for you, for example, 40 minutes or 1.5 hours). Each time you follow your schedule, mark it on your calendar with a brightly colored checkmark. This will provide additional motivation.


Determining an appropriate schedule

You’ve probably noticed that at certain times you feel more alert and focused, while at others it’s hard to hold your attention. It’s all about circadian rhythms (our biological clock). They affect not only the process of falling asleep and the quality of sleep but also our mood and ability to concentrate.

On average, 7 hours after awakening, our mood and concentration reach a low point, and then gradually begin to rise. It is the circadian rhythm associated with the fact that the maximum number of mistakes that people make at work is just in the period from 14 to 16 hours.

For the same reason, the most difficult and laborious tasks should be performed in the first 3 hours after awakening, because further attention and energy will only decrease.

By the way, there are people with peculiarities of circadian rhythms. Such people only start to swing in the morning and come to themselves only by the second half of the day. So listen to your body and plan your training for the time of your maximum productivity.


Make a quality rest

The main guarantee of quality work – is a good rest. Physical activity can help unload the brain and restore emotional resources. If you feel that the intellectual forces are running out, you fall into a stupor and can not understand a single line, get out into the fresh air, and move. You can just go for a walk, or you can do a light five-minute jog.

Also, watch the quality of your sleep. Specialists in sleep medicine recommend that you ventilate your room before going to sleep, sleep in complete darkness and follow the sleep schedule not only on weekdays but also on weekends. You can read more about the rules of healthy sleep in our separate publication.


Benjamin Anyigor also popularly called BEN10 is a Blogger, Tech Lover, SEO Expert, Programmer (Kinda Part-Time) and the Founder and editor of IsMySchool. You can connect with him on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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