Lisbon Regional School Calendar 2023-2024

Are you looking for Lisbon Regional School calendar 2022-2023? If so, I am very pleased to inform you that Lisbon Regional School calendar for 2022-2023 academic session is now available. This page you are currently reading about Lisbon Regional School calendar 2022-2023 contains all the major holiday dates of Lisbon Regional School.

This Lisbon Regional School calendar 2022-2023 academic session posted on this page contains different activities for the session such as Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Fall Break, Sprink and School Closing Date just to mention a few.

Lisbon Regional School is located in New Hampshire, United States. More information about Lisbon Regional School calendar can be accessed from the school website at Other information not contained in the calendar below can be found on the official calendar of Lisbon Regional School.

Lisbon Regional School Holiday Calendar 2022-2023

To get the latest holiday calendar, visit Lisbon Regional School website at to see the 2022-2023 holidays.

This page will be updated with any revised version of the school calendar once changes are made.

Lisbon Regional School Calendar 2021-2022

Lisbon Regional School Calendar 2020-2021

School HolidaysStartsFinishes
First Day of School31 Aug 2020
Fall Break9 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020
Thanksgiving Break26 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020
Christmas Break23 Dec 2020
1 Jan 2021
Mid Winter Break22 Feb 2021
26 Feb 2021
Spring Break26 Apr 2021
30 Apr 2021
Last Day of School16 Jun 2021

Download Links for Lisbon Regional School Calendar

Incase the Lisbon Regional School calendar above is not up-to date or the download links are not working, please check the calendar section of Lisbon Regional School’s website at for the updated or revised version of the calendar.

We are going to update this page if there is any changes made on Lisbon Regional School calendar 2021-2021. Until then, continue checking this page for updates on the calendar for Lisbon Regional School.


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