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JAMB Yoruba Questions Set on Tuesday | Likely Questions

Are you looking for the JAMB questions that will be set or was set on Tuesday (June 22nd, 2021 and June 29th, 2021) for Yoruba? If you want to know the nature of JAMB questions that was set in Yoruba on Tuesday the 22nd and 29th of June, 2021 then proceed to continue reading this post where you are going to see the questions was set in Yoruba and the likely questions that will be set in Yoruba for the upcoming JAMB examination.

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All JAMB candidates are hereby informed that the likely questions to expect in JAMB on Tuesday (June 22nd, 2021 and June 29th, 2021) as well as the ones that JAMB has already set has been provided here in this post.

Useful Tips When You Are Inside JAMB Examination Hall

Here are some useful tips that will guide you to have a successful JAMB examination especially if this is your first time of writing JAMB;

Enter Your Details And Crosscheck Before Submitting

You will likely be prompted to enter your registration number or some other information that will be needed to generate your details, ensure that you properly cross-check the details (picture and possibly name) that is shown to you on the screen to make sure it is your own to avoid writing for someone else as you won’t see your result.

Read Instructions Carefully

Before you start your exam, make sure you read all the instructions that are available for the examination you are writing and follow them accordingly. Make sure to follow and abide by the instruction given to you by the invigilator of your centre and also the instruction you see on your computer screen.

Don’t spend Much Time On a Question

Remember, each question carry in each subject carry equal marks, so make sure you are not spending much time on a particular question. If you read a question and no answer or possible answer comes to your mind; jump it and move to the next question. When you are done with the ones you know, you can then come back and try to answer the ones you jumped earlier. It will be better you don’t select any option for the questions you want to come back to so you can easily see it and come back to them at a later time.

Plan how much time you will spend on each of the subjects.

Of course this largely depends on the amount of time that is allowed for the examination. JAMB usually gives two hours for their exams and this is for 60 Use of English questions and 40 questions each across the other three subjects. You should try and share equal time for all the four subjects so you don’t spend more time on a particular subject and miss out on the remaining subjects.
Those are some of the tips that can guide you toward having a successful JAMB examination. Now let us guide you on how you can get prepared for JAMB likely questions and the ones set in Yoruba on Tuesday.

Is It Possible To See JAMB Yoruba Questions That Came Out On Tuesday?

Well, it is possible only if those that actually wrote their exam on Tuesday can remember some of the questions that was asked them. The problem with it is that only few or very limited questions can be memorized in this situation as the candidate will be very busy figuring out answers to questions rather than trying to memorize questions.  So, focusing more on these very limited questions shared or provided by these ones will not really get you anywhere.

The only way to actually get acquainted with likely questions that JAMB will set is to practice real JAMB past questions and answers. That way, you get to familiarize yourself with JAMB likely questions and patterns of their questions.

JAMB Likely Questions On Yoruba For Tuesday (22nd and 29th of June, 2021)

To get and practice JAMB likely questions and their corresponding answers, download our JAMB CBT App 2021 that contains JAMB likely questions in Yoruba as well as across 24 other subjects. Practice those questions and study them very well as you prepare for your own JAMB examination.

You can set exam or mock exam for yourself using the JAMB CBT app to see how prepared you are prior to your own JAMB examination day.

Note: We are going to update JAMB questions set in Yoruba on Tuesday right here on this page as soon as we have access to them.

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