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10 Best Scholarships in Sweden for International Students

Scholarships in Sweden for International Students: Would you be interested in receiving a scholarship to study in Sweden? Good news! Thousands of fully funded scholarships for 2024–2025 as well as partial grants for overseas students pursuing short courses, undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees are available from leading Swedish universities.

Scholarships in Sweden for International Students

These Sweden Scholarships in Europe are available to students from all over the world for their promising futures. The top ten Swedish scholarships for studying in Sweden will be explained in this post.

Sweden is a welcoming nation for overseas applicants, providing a plethora of financial initiatives, gifts, and scholarships. Several internationally renowned degree programs for undergraduate to doctorate degrees in a variety of academic subjects and majors are offered by hundreds of Sweden’s top-ranked universities.

Since most degrees in Sweden are expensive to pursue, scholarships from Sweden might assist students in meeting their educational expenses. Top Swedish universities provide several Swedish Scholarships to international students.

10 Scholarships in Sweden for International Students

The top ten scholarships in Sweden are shown here. These Swedish Scholarships Are Sponsored in Whole or in Part.

1. Blekinge Institute Of Technology Sweden Scholarship

Scholarships for international students are available in Sweden at the Blekinge Institute of Technology. The scholarship program at Blekinge Institute of Technology is among the most generous in the nation.

Candidates from non-EEA/EU nations who are obligated to cover the tuition costs at Swedish universities are eligible to apply for the Blekinge Institute of Technology Scholarship program. The applicant must first apply for the Swedish university’s BTH campus program before applying for the BTH scholarship.

2. Chalmers IPOET Scholarships In Sweden

Candidates can apply for support from the Swedish Council for Higher Education through the Chalmers IPOET Scholarship. Chalmers is in responsible of overseeing and awarding the scholarships.

Candidates are chosen according to their relative academic record, which is determined by their weighted average grade and the sequence in which they submit their applications for programs offered by Chalmers Graduate.

Citizens of non-EEA/EU nations who are obligated to pay tuition fees are eligible for the IPOET Scholarship program and are encouraged to apply to one of Chalmers University’s master’s scholarship programs in Sweden.

3. Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarship Program

International students who have been admitted into one of the global graduate programs offered by Karolinska Institutet are eligible to apply for a limited number of tuition fee scholarships each autumn semester to study in Sweden.

Every year, a maximum of 10 Karolinska scholarships are awarded throughout all Global Master’s Programs; however, the exact number varies from year to year. First, you must apply. With around 1500 international applicants each year, the Karolinska scholarship competition is fierce.

4. Linkoping International Scholarships Program

There are numerous scholarship options accessible at Swedish universities. Sweden offers university scholarships for Linkoping Europe.

The Linkoping International Scholarship program was created for foreign students who must pay tuition to pursue higher education in nations outside of Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA/EU). The master’s degree program and duration of the Linkoping scholarship are detailed in the Notification of Selection Results.

5. und University Global Scholarship

Lund University accepts exceptional applicants from all around the world since it is ranked among the top 100 universities. Lund University holds a position in the top 0.4 percentile of universities worldwide. Selected overseas candidates are recognized for their achievements by the Lund University Global Scholarship program with rewards for academic distinction.

The Lund scholarship is a merit-based, competitive, and selected opportunity to study for free in Sweden. They award grants equal to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the cost of tuition. The cash available for the degree program determines the percentage of the Lund scholarship awarded.

Candidates from other countries must have applied to the Lund University program or stand-alone course they wish to enroll in.

6. Malmo University Master’s Scholarship Program

International students participating in graduate degree programs can apply for this scholarship through the Malmö University Master’s Scholarship Program.

Malmo scholarships for master’s degrees in pertinent fields are available in Sweden. Candidates who are accepted into two-year degree programs must successfully complete the first year of coursework and meet all advancement requirements to be eligible for a scholarship for the second year, which requires a minimum of 45 credits per academic year and 22.5 credits per semester.

7. Mid Sweden University Tuition Fee Scholarships Program

Scholarships are available from Mid Sweden University to deserving and bright students pursuing master’s degrees. This award is only available to students enrolled in Mid Sweden University’s graduate program. Your merit is the only consideration for this Mid Sweden University Tuition Fee Scholarship.

Seventy-five percent of the tuition is covered by the Mid Sweden University Tuition Fee grant. The scholarship does not cover the remaining 25% of each semester’s tuition costs; these costs, along with living expenses, travel expenses, and other expenses, must be paid for in another way.

The Mid Sweden University Tuition Fee Scholarship Program is open to qualified applicants who have applied to the university for a graduate program and who are required to pay tuition fees.

8. Umea University Scholarships Program

Due to the high expense of education in Sweden, candidates for the Umea University Scholarships Program are chosen solely on the basis of their academic standing. In Sweden, there are certain prerequisites for studying. The Vice-Chancellor appoints a committee to select applicants for scholarships. Studying in Sweden will provide you access to top-notch facilities.

9. University Of Skövde Master’s Scholarships Program

The Master’s Scholarship Program at the University of Skövde in Sweden offers international applicants a range of options to further their study in pertinent disciplines. Situated in Sweden, the University of Skövde is a preeminent research university.

Up to 50% of the tuition is covered in part by the University of Skövde scholarships. The University of Skövde scholarship is good for one academic semester, but if the chosen candidate has an outstanding record, it may be extended to two semesters.

10. Uppsala Universal Global Scholarships Program

A renowned organization, the Uppsala Universal Global Scholarships Program, provides international scholarships to applicants enrolled at Swedish universities. The Uppsala scholarships are offered for degree programs taught primarily at Uppsala University, as well as for on-campus programs in Uppsala or Gotland.

The tuition cost is covered by the Uppsala Universal Global Scholarships Program, but living expenses are not. The Uppsala University Global Scholarships are available for the university’s Master’s programs and encouraged applicants from Switzerland and non-EEA/EU nations.

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